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Python markdown extension to render Jupyter output notation

Project description

Notebook style markdown extension

If you work with Jupyter notebooks, you will remember they have the concept of inputs and outputs in the notation, an input is something you enter and and output what the compiler or interpreter returns (it is very useful with expression based languages like OCaml or Haskell).

When working in a Jupyter to Notebook extension for Pelican I found problems trying to convert the inputs and outputs to a markdown syntax, so I think this could be useful to represent them in markdown.

This extension adds support for the elements |[]> and |<[] to indicate outputs and inputs respectibly. They will be rendered inside code elements with defined class styles, for example:

|[]> val a: int = 4 |[]>

Would be rendered as:

<code class="notebook_output">val a: int = 4</code>

You can define a number between the brackets for the style:

|[12]> val a: int = 5 |[]>

Would be rendered as:

<span class="notebook_output_index">12</span><code class="notebook_output">val a: int = 4</code>

Configuration options

  • output_class what class to use with the output code, by default is notebook_output
  • show_output display output, by default is True, set this if you want to hide the output at all
  • show_label display a label for the output
  • label_text used with show_label set the text for the label for each output

Using the extension

First install with pip: pip install markdown-notebook and then set the extension name in your Python Markdown library, the name of the extension is mdx_notebook.

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