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E-mail with text and html content provided with markdown

Project description



Send e-mails with generated html content.

The content has to be written in Markdown syntax. The text part of the e-mail will be filled verbatim; the html part will be a converted HTML from the Markdown content.

E-mail rendering for the user (HTML part)


$ pip install markdownmail

Basic Usage

import markdownmail

CONTENT = u"""

This is a demo with a list:

1. Spam
2. Second spam
3. ...and eggs

email = markdownmail.MarkdownMail(
    subject=u'MarkdownMail demo',


Content must be unicode.

More infos

Additional informations are addable:

email = markdownmail.MarkdownMail(
    from_addr=(u'', u'Alice'),
    to_addr=(u'', u'Bob'),
    subject=u'MarkdownMail demo',

cc_addr and bcc_addr are optional. The from_addr, to_addr, cc_addr and bcc_addr parameters are the same as Enveloppe library.

Change SMTP port:

email.send("", port=3325)

Change SMTP login and password:

email.send("", login="user", password="password")

Use TLS:

email.send("", tls=True)


A default CSS is automatically added to the e-mail. It includes a font sans serif and minor improvements.

To override the default CSS, pass a string including the style to the css optional parameter of MardownMail:

import markdownmail

email = markdownmail.MarkdownMail(
    subject=u'MarkdownMail demo',
    css="font-family:monospace; color:green;"

Run tests

Tox is automatically installed in virtualenvs before executing the tests. Execute them with:

$ python test

Disable sending e-mails in your tests

The e-mail is not send if the parameter passed to send() method is an instance of NullServer.

email = markdownmail.MarkdownMail(


Assert about e-mails in your tests

Subclassing NullServer allows to provide a custom behaviour in the check() method:

class MyServer(markdownmail.NullServer):
    def check(self, email):
        assert u'' == email.to_addr[0]


Useful links

Envelopes library (MardownMail is a wrapper around Envelopes library.)

Markdown syntax

Project details

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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