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Marrying marshmallow and annotations

Project description

marshmallow-annotations allows you to create marshmallow schema from classes with annotations on them

from marshmallow_annotations import AnnotationSchema
from .music import Album, Artist

class AlbumScheme(AnnotationSchema):
    class Meta:
        target = Album
        register_as_scheme = True

class ArtistScheme(AnnotationSchema):
    class Meta:
        target = Artist
        register_as_scheme = True

scheme = ArtistScheme()
        id=1, name="Abominable Putridity",
                name="The Anomalies of Artificial Origin"

# {
#     "albums": [
#         {
#             "id": 1,
#             "name": "The Anomalies of Artificial Origin"
#         }
#     ],
#     "id": 1,
#     "name": "Abominable Putridity"
# }


marshmallow-annotations is available on pypi and installable with:

pip install marshmallow-annotations

marshmallow-annotations supports Python 3.6+ and marshmallow 2.x.x


Keeping up with entity definitions, ORM mappings and schema shapes can be a huge pain the butt. If you change one thing, you need to change three things.

Instead, marshmallow-annotations wants to drive schema shapes from your entity defintions (with a little help from you of course).

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