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Utilities for building frc robots

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Mars Utilities

Utilties for building better robot code

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ControlManager provides a wrapper that makes making alternate control modes (alternate drivers, different controlers) incredibly simple. It is designed primarially for MagicRobot components, however, it should work with any type.

See example/ for an example robot.


First, all of the controls must be implemented as classes that subclass marsutils.ControlInterface. The primary control code defined in the teleopPeriodic method. Then, you must define the _DISPLAY_NAME field which will be displayed on the dashboard autochooser. You can set _SORT to prioritize certain interfaces, the higher the number, the higher on the chooser list.

Because it is a magic bot component, you can access injected components.

But you must make an empty execute function to be a valid magicbot function.

After you have the control components there are two ways to create the manager.

MagicBot magic

If you are using the MagicRobot framework you can use the @with_ctrl_manager decorator to automagically set everything up. Just annotate your robot class with @with_ctrl_manager and you are done. It will magically detect any ControlInterfaces, construct the ControlManager and automatically call the periodic functions.

Using the decorator also means you don't need to define an execute function.


Otherwize, you must must set up manager by initializing ControlManager with all of your components after createObjects has been called. This is not technically possible with the MagicBot framework yet.

self.control_manager = marsutils.ControlManager(self.xbox_ctrl, self.joystick_ctrl)

After you have created the control manager, you must call its periodic functions. This means adding self.control_manager.teleopPeriodic() to your teleopPeriodic function and so on for each function you use.

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