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Instant Article for Masonite

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Instant Articles

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If you are seeking package for generating instant article or feeds in Masonite then yes, this package is for you.

This helps you generate facebooks instant articles and also regular feeds with enough customizations you might need.


pip install masonite-instant-article


Add InstantArticleProvider to your project in config/

# config/
# ...
from instant_article.providers import InstantArticleProvider

# ...
    # ...
    # Third Party Providers
    # ...

Then you can publish the configuration by doing:

python craft package:publish instant_article

Update Configurations

You need to define options in your instant_article configuration file inside config directory.

# config
    "force_validate": False,
    "feed_details": {
        "your-custom-route-name.xml": {
            'model': 'path-to-your-model-class',
            'title': '',
            'description': '',
            'lang': 'en-us',
            'brand': '',
            'type': 'instant-article' # feed, instant-article

# Example
    "force_validate": False,
    "feed_details": {
        "blogs-rss.xml": {
            'model': 'app.models.Blog',
            'title': 'Blog Feed',
            'description': '',
            'lang': 'en-us',
            'brand': '',
            'type': 'instant-article' # feed, instant-article
        "news-rss.xml": {
            'model': 'app.models.News',
            'title': 'News Feed',
            'description': '',
            'lang': 'en-us',
            'brand': '',
            'type': 'instant-article' # feed, instant-article

# Above feeds can be access from:


from instant_article.interfaces.instant_article_interface import InstantArticleInterface
from instant_article.models.instant_article import InstantArticle

class YourModel(Model, InstantArticleInterface):

    def get_feed_items():
        return YourModel.all() # can be any query returning proper values

    def format_feed(self):
        return InstantArticle.create({
            'id':, # required | integer
            'title':, # required | string
            'subtitle': '', # nullable | string
            'kicker': '', # nullable | string
            'summary': '', # required | string
            'description': '', # required | string
            'cover': '', # nullable | string
            'updated': self.updated_at, # required | date
            'published': self.created_at, # required | date
            'link': '', # full url to item...
            'author': '' # nullable | email | string

Your project is now ready to go :+1:.


Please read the Contributing Documentation here.


masonite-filemanager is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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