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MasterQA combines SeleniumBase automation with manual verification to greatly improve the productivity and sanity of QA teams.

(NOTE: MasterQA is now part of SeleniumBase!)

Run the example test:

pip install masterqa

git clone

cd MasterQA/examples

pytest  # (Default browser: Chrome)

Follow the example to write your own tests:

from seleniumbase import MasterQA

class MasterQATests(MasterQA):
    def test_xkcd(self):"")
        for i in range(4):
        for i in range(3):
        for i in range(2):
        self.verify("Can you find the moon?")'a[rel="next"]')
        self.verify("Do the drones look safe?")"")
        self.type("input#urlInput", "\n")
        self.verify("Do you see Octocat in a Jedi knight robe?")"")
        for i in range(5):
        self.verify("Does the page say 'Abnormal Expressions'?")

You'll notice that tests are written based on SeleniumBase, with the key difference of using a different import: from masterqa import MasterQA rather than from seleniumbase import BaseCase. Now the test class will import MasterQA instead of BaseCase.

To add a manual verification step, use self.verify() in the code after each part of the script that needs manual verification. If you want to include a custom question, add text inside that call (in quotes). Example:


self.verify("Can you find the moon?")

MasterQA is powered by SeleniumBase, the most advanced open-source automation platform on the Planet.

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