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Tool for estimating growth rates

Project description


This module provides a CLI tool for rough approximations according to a catalog of prescribed growth rates.

The tool currently features most well-known classes of growth rates and works by fitting each generic growth rate function to the given data.

Its primary use case is estimating time or space growth rates of various algorithms, but it can also be used on data coming from physical measurements.

Note: The computed matches only give an approximation, which depending on the number of data points and the noise in the data might be completely different from the actual growth rate(that would be determined through more rigorous analysis).


To install from pypi:

pip3 install --user matchgrowth


The CLI tool expects to be passed through --infile a CSV file, and through --col1 and --col2 two column names present inside the CSV file. Currently the CSV file needs to have headers for all columns.

The --top parameter allows to limit the number of matched growth rates reported.

The --outfile parameter is optional and allows to write the generated plot to a PNG file on disk. If the --outfile parameter is not passed, the default GUI from matplotlib will be used to display the plot.

usage: [-h] --infile INFILE [--outfile OUTFILE] --col1 COL1
                       --col2 COL2 [--top TOP]

Tool for estimating growth rates

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --infile INFILE    CSV input file with measurements
  --outfile OUTFILE  PNG file to write the plot to
  --col1 COL1        data column 1 from the CSV
  --col2 COL2        data column 2 from the CSV
  --top TOP          only print top N closest growth rates

Example usage: --infile ./tests/modif7_bench.txt --outfile r1.png --col1 N --col2 memory --top 2

In this example we're estimating the closest growth rate for an algorithm that has a single input N and for which we've already recorded the memory usage for different values of N.



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