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Matflow extension for DAMASK.

Project description


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Matflow extension for the crystal plasticity code DAMASK.

Change Log

[0.1.21] - 2021.09.24


  • Use quat_component_ordering key in orientations dict.

[0.1.20] - 2021.08.14


  • Add parameter RNG_seed to task generate_microstructure_seeds/random.

[0.1.19] - 2021.08.12


  • Add task generate_volume_element/dual_phase_ti_alpha_colony.

[0.1.18] - 2021.08.06


  • Add implementation of Taylor simulation task.
  • Add implementation of task sample_texture method from_random.
  • Add implementation of task generate_volume_element method from_damask_input_files


  • Use new output map options (volume_data, phase_data, field_data and grain_data) for reading results from a simulation.
  • Remove methods that made use of the DAMASK command line scripts.
  • Add orientations_use_max_precision parameter to task/methods: generate_volume_element/random_voronoi, generate_volume_element/random_voronoi_from_orientations, sample_texture/from_random, generate_microstructure_seeds/random and simulate_volume_element_loading/CP_FFT.

[0.1.17] - 2021.05.11


  • Add visualise option to simulate_volume_element_loading output mapper to generate VTK file using DAMASK.

[0.1.16] - 2021.04.10


  • Add implementation of task generate_microstructure_seeds with method random_NEW to use DAMASK library functions instead of command line script which has been removed in DAMASK v3a2.

[0.1.15] - 2020.01.19


  • Add implementation of task modify_volume_element by method add_buffer_zones.


  • Include an euler_degrees bool dict item in orientations to signify if the dict item euler_angles is represented in degrees or radians.

[0.1.14] - 2020.01.11


  • Use pack=False in DAMASK's geom_obj.to_file to ensure consistent format of geometry file in function main.generate_volume_element_random_voronoi.

[0.1.13] - 2020.01.10


  • Input and output mapper functions for writing/reading DAMASK microstructure seeds files have been updated to respect the unit_cell_alignment key of orientations.
  • Changed some generate_volume_element task method names:
    • random_voronoi -> random_voronoi_OLD
    • random_voronoi_from_orientations -> random_voronoi_from_orientations_OLD
    • random_voronoi_2 -> random_voronoi
    • random_voronoi_from_orientations_2 -> random_voronoi_from_orientations


  • Fix function name used twice for function mappers for generate_volume_element using method random_voronoi_2 and random_voronoi_from_orientations_2.

[0.1.12] - 2020.12.16


  • Add optional single_crystal_parameter_perturbation parameter to simulate_volume_element_loading task (used for parameter fitting).
  • Change material/numerics.config to material/numerics.yaml.

[0.1.11] - 2020.10.06


  • Standardise orientations key in microstructure_seeds.


  • Add functions for generate_volume_element (random_voronoi_2 and random_voronoi_from_orientations_2) using DAMASK Python package functions.

[0.1.10] - 2020.09.29


  • Use write_numerics instead of write_numerics_config.

[0.1.9] - 2020.09.29


  • Update for changes to damask-parse that support DAMASK v3.

[0.1.8] - 2020.08.25


  • Fix bug if numerics not specified in write_damask_numerics input mapper.

[0.1.7] - 2020.08.25


  • Add input mapper for writing the numerics.config file.

[0.1.6] - 2020.08.22


  • Moved function main.read_damask_hdf5_file to damask-parse as readers.read_HDF5_file.
  • Moved function utils.get_HDF5_incremental_quantity to damask-parse as utils.get_HDF5_incremental_quantity (and fixed use of correct Numpy function for "sum_along_axes" transform.)

[0.1.5] - 2020.08.18


  • Add support for specifying orientation and model coordinate systems with respect to e.g. RD/TD/ND.
  • Add phase label attribute to microstructure_seeds and add phase_labels and grain_phase_label_idx to volume_element.


  • Function write_damask_material updated to reflect upstream changes.

[0.1.4] - 2020.07.28


  • Add image_axes argument to function mapper function that generates an RVE via 2D microstructure extrusion: volume_element_from_microstructure_image.

[0.1.3] - 2020.06.26


  • Add function mapper for generating a volume element via extrusion of a 2D microstructure image.

[0.1.2] - 2020.06.09


  • Close file properly in get_HDF5_incremental_quantity

[0.1.1] - 2020.05.12


  • Added output mapper for DAMASK HDF5 files: read_damask_hdf5_file.

[0.1.0] - 2020.05.09

  • Initial release.

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