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Has Up to 1 Million digits of pi!

Project description

This Project has only one function: pi

You can have 1000000(1 Million) digits of pi in a string.

You can't calculate with it, because if you convert it to foat python will reduce it to 3.141592653589793 but you can many things; make e. a pi search(To find a number sequence in pi), create music with pi, make a 3D code drawing or even make a game!

Install with pip:

pip install math-pi

An Example:

>>>import math_pi
>>>print(math_pi.pi(b = 10))
>>>print(math_pi.pi(a = 2, b = 10)) # This doesn't return the "3." when the starting number is more than 1
>>>print(math_pi.pi(b = 1000000))
3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820... #Squuezed Output Viewer will pop up when you print a big number

This Project requires: pi_1mp


Special Thanks to Peter Truebsen who inspired me for making this module

Note: ThisProject counts numbers after the point. Example math_pi.pi(a = 1, b = 3) is "3.141"

Regards, Tanmay

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