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Collection of lualatex-printable mathematical objects, including geometric shapes.

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Mathmaker Lib offers lualatex-printable mathematical objects.

Repo is here

See documentation here

Contact: nh dot techn (hosted by gmail dot com)


Version 0.7 (2018-06-18)

  • Now Points, as well as other basic geometric objects, may be 2D or 3D.
  • Add first three-dimensional objects: Polyhedron and RightCuboid.
  • Add first flat representation of polyhedra: ObliqueProjection
  • Extend units conversions to areas, volumes and conversions between capacities and volumes (from m³ to mm³).
  • Add ClockTime object to easily deal with times.
  • Accept floats to initialize Numbers (the float being converted to str).

Patches 0.7.1, 0.7.2, 0.7.3 and 0.7.4 (2018-11-16, 2018-11-20, 2019-02-20 and 2019-02-22)

  • Fix Number.rounded() for precisions greater than 10 (e.g. 10, 100, 1000 etc.)
  • Add Number.highest_digitplace() and Number.estimation()
  • Add ‘siunitx’ variant keyword value to Number.imprint() (in order to print numbers as \num{…})
  • Modify ClockTime object’s context.
  • Include a logo.
  • Bugfix.

Version 0.6 (2018-04-12)

  • A standalone Angle or AnglesSet can be drawn. Enrich Angles’ decorations (hatch marks, labeling, second decoration etc.).
  • An integer Number can be split as a sum of integers ± 0.5 (or ± 0.25)
  • Add Number.lowest_nonzero_digit_index()
  • Patch Number.split() to get a consistent behaviour for integers too (default split will be done at lowest non zero digit place: 500 will be split as 100 + 400, or 200 + 300 etc. and with dig=1, it will be split as 10 + 490, or 20 + 480 etc.).
  • Fix: Numbers with an angle’s unit should be displayed as \ang{…} rather than \SI{…}{\textdegree}.
  • Add basic classes to handle LaTeX commands and options’ lists.

Patches 0.6.1 to 0.6.4 (2018-04-13, 2018-04-30, 2018-05-02 and 2018-05-05)

  • Add a constant in LaTeX module
  • Add Number.digits_sum()
  • Add Number.digits and Number.digit()
  • Add some amsmath symbols.

Version 0.5 (2018-01-10)

  • Add Number.quantize().
  • A Number can be converted into a another unit of the same physical quantity.
  • Accept int as exponent (or even content) of an Exponented.
  • Fractions can be created from a decimal Number.
  • Fractions become Evaluable and can be compared to other numbers.
  • Standalone Units will be printed using siunitx (e.g. as ‘\si{cm}’).
  • Fix bug: current locale is ignored when printing a number having a unit.
  • Do not automatically remove possible trailing zeros when printing a Number.
  • Add the tonne (t) as mass unit.
  • An optional patch allow Polygons to be drawn to the first vertex again instead of only cycling (default behaviour).

Version 0.4 (2017-12-19)

  • Add more complex geometric objects: Polygon, Triangle, RightTriangle, EquilateralTriangle, IsoscelesTriangle, Quadrilateral, Rhombus, Rectangle, Square.
  • Numbers can be “copied” using copy.copy() or copy.deepcopy().
  • Add Point.rotate().
  • Add the ability to change the size of Point’s drawn shape (using Point.shape_scale).
  • Add LineSegment.mark and the ability to change its size (using LineSegment.mark_scale).
  • mathmakerlib.requires_pkg becomes mathmakerlib.required and will also handle required options and hacks.
  • Add module mathmakerlib.mmlib_setup to configure the behaviour (default values etc.).

Patch 0.4.1 (2018-01-01)

  • Fix the locale monkey patch.

Version 0.3 (2017-11-17)

  • Add basic geometric objects: Point, LineSegment and DividedLineSegment.
  • Add Fraction.
  • Add module mathmakerlib.requires_pkg that tells which LaTeX packages will be required to compile the document (like tikz, xcolor, siunitx…).

Version 0.2 (2017-11-01)

  • Add Sign, Exponented and Unit classes.
  • Numbers are now Signed objects and may be assigned a Unit.

Patches 0.2.1 and 0.2.2 (2017-11-02)

  • Bring back Numbers’ hashability.
  • Add physical_quantity() in unit module.

Initial version 0.1 (2017-10-24)

  • Number class and decimal numbers’ related functions.



  • Lead developer: Nicolas Hainaux
  • Clever advices: Olivier Cecillon

Patience and chocolate cakes

Sophie Reboud

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