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Create random arithmetic mp3 and/or jason files

Project description

# What Is It?

This is a python script that builds custom mp3 files containing random arithmetic equations. You specify how
many equations you want, parameters for the operands, the operator and the answer (i.e. decimals to round to), as well as
the pause length between the question and the answer and between equations themselves, and you get an mp3 file that satisfies those parameters.

Why? Because I suck at arithmetic and I'm too lazy to sit and just practice. Now I can practice on the go like all the cool kids.

# How to use

Use python 3.6. Untested with python 2.

An example run would be:

python 10#0(1)1000{+-}-50(2)60?5000(2) 10#10(0)99{*}10(0)99?4000(0)
This assumes you're in the directory where the Mathtraq package has been installed.

The following is copied from the help output of the app itself:

usage: [-h] [-j OUTPUT_JSON] [-o OUTPUT_MP3] [-d MAX_DIGITS]
[-b BUFFER_SIZE] [-v {0,1,2,3}]
[-p pause_between_questions]
template [template ...]

Create an mp3 to practice arithmetic on the go

positional arguments:
template Example: 10#0(1)1000{+/-}-50(2)60?3000(2) will create
10 questions where the lhs is between 0 and 1000 with
maximum 1 decimal place and the rhs is between -50 and
60 with a maximum of 2 decimal places. They will be a
mix of addition, division and subtraction, and a
3000ms pause will occur before the answer is given.
The answer will be rounded to 2 decimal places. Note
that one * in the ops is multiplcation. Two * means
'to the power of' and three means both multiplication
and powers

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
Specify a file to which the equation data will be
written in JSON format
-o OUTPUT_MP3, --output OUTPUT_MP3
MP3 file output (default: ['mathtraq.mp3'])
Maximum digits (precision) (default: [600])
-b BUFFER_SIZE, --buffer_size BUFFER_SIZE
Mathtraq works by concatenating a number of small
files. This argument specifies how many to join at a
time. (default: [600])
-v {0,1,2,3}, --verbosity {0,1,2,3}
0 is no output and 3 is a lot (default: [1])
-p pause_between_questions, --ms_pause pause_between_questions
Milliseconds to pause after each question. Rounds down
to nearest 500, minimum 500 (default: [500])

If you get an error whilst wanting a lot of precision, try raising the
precision (-d argument)

# Notes:

* Uses mp3cat ( to concatenate the files - developed by Darren Mulholland

* Uses mpmath ( to achieve arbitrary number length - developed by Fredrik Johansson

* You can replace the audio files for the sound bites - just make sure they're all the same bitrate. Feel free to share them if you do- I've slightly modified my own voice but still... no one wants to hear themselves speak.

* Add more places (eg. 'septillion') by adding the mp3 file into the placE_values folder, adding the name of the place value into the audio.place_names list between the current highest and the default 'somethings', and finally add an entry into audio.audio_segments pointing to the audio file.

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