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Rotate any square matrix clockwise and anticlockwise in any degree.

Project description

Rotate any square matrix clockwise and anticlockwise in any degree.

matrix-rotation is a simple package for rotating elements of any square matrix in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. This rotation can be performed with any degree or step size. It is most suitable for small size matrix.

How to use

Following are some of the sample examples to show the use of matrix_rotation package. This package has a function named rotate_matrix which essentially takes input 2 dimensional square matrix as a first argument, degree as a second argument to determine the step size and default clockwise rotation as the final argument. print_rotate_matrix function is just the extension of rotate_matrix function which print the original matrix and rotated matrix on the console. Let's take a look.

>> from matrix_rotation import rotate_matrix, print_rotate_matrix

>>> matrix = [['a', 'b', 'c'],\
              ['h', 'i', 'd'],\
              ['g', 'f', 'e']]

>>> rotated_matrix = rotate_matrix(matrix, degree=2, clockwise=True)

>>> rotated_matrix 
[['g', 'h', 'a'], ['f', 'i', 'b'], ['e', 'd', 'c']]

>>> rotated_matrix = print_rotate_matrix(matrix, degree=2, clockwise=True)

Original Matrix:
[['a', 'b', 'c'],
['h', 'i', 'd'],
['g', 'f', 'e']]

Clockwise Rotated Matrix with Degree = 2:
[['g', 'h', 'a'],
['f', 'i', 'b'],
['e', 'd', 'c']]

>>> rotated_matrix
[['g', 'h', 'a'], ['f', 'i', 'b'], ['e', 'd', 'c']]


Calling python package

matrix-rotation can be directly called using python3 to work with commond line interface.

python3 matrix-rotation

Calling from Command Line Interface (CLI)

python3 matrix_rotation/ --matrix "[['a', 'b'],['d', 'c']]"

python3 matrix_rotation/ --matrix "[['a', 'b'],['d', 'c']]" --degree 1 

python3 matrix_rotation/ --matrix "[['a', 'b'],['d', 'c']]" --degree 1 --clockwise False

python3 matrix_rotation/ --matrix "[['a', 'b'],['d', 'c']]" --degree 1 --clockwise False --print_matrix True

Calling for doctest:

python3 -m doctest matrix_rotation/

Calling for unittest

python3 -m unittest discover
python3 -m pytest 


MIT License

Note: If you find this project useful, please include reference link in your work.

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