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it has a wide operation of matrix like addition , subtraction , multiplication , division.we can use it for,a matrix satisfy the properties and determinant is also available.

Project description

matrix operations

This is a matrix operations package. This matrix package has modules 1.mat_input(rows,columns)-enter rows and columns 2.unit_mat(dimension)-unit matrix is presents of 1 in diagonals.enter the no.of.rows or columns 3.constant_mat(constant,dimension)-constant matrix contains same numbers.enter the constant and no.of.rows 4.mat_multiple(matrix1,matrix2): normal matrix multiplication 5.mat_add(matrix1,matrix2): matrix addition 6.mat_sub(matrix1,matrix2): matrix subtraction 7.mat_div(matrix1,matrix2): matrix division 8.mat_trace(matrix1): trace of matrix 9.mat_transpose(matrix1): transpose of the matrix 10.det(matrix1): determinant of 2x2 , 3x3 matrix 11.adjoint(matrix1): adjoint of matrix 2x2 and 3x3 matrix 12.area(point1,point2,point3): area of triangle 13.cramer(equation matrix,equal to matrix): value of x,y or x,y,z for three equations 14.mat_inverse(matrix1): inverse of matrix 15.mat_mul(matrix1,matrix2): normal multiplication of matrix 16.mul_commutative(matrix1,matrix2): commutative property on multiplication 17.mul_assosiative(matrix1,matrix2,matrix3): assosiative property on multiplication 18.mul_distributive(matrix1,matrix2,matrix3): distributive property of matrix 19.add_commutative(matrix1,matrix2): commutative property on addition of matrix 20.add_assosiative(matrix1,matrix2,matrix3): associative property oon addition 21.additive_identity(matrix1,matrix2): additive identity of matrix 22.additive inverse(matrix1,matrix2): additive inverse of matrix 23.unitnum_mat(constant,dimension): diagonals have give number 24.mat_ortho(matrix1): orthogonal property of matrix 25.double transpose(matirx1): tranpose of a tranpose matrix:((a)T)T=a 26.sum_transpose(matrix1): transpose of sum of two matrix=sum of two transpose matrix (a+b)T=(a)T+(b)T 27.mul_transpose(matrix1):multiplication transpose is (ab)T=(b)T * (a)T 28.scalar_mul_transpose(matrix1):multiplication of constant with a matrix whole transpose = multiplication of a constant with the transpose of matrix (consta)T=const * (a)T

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