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A module and command line tool that scrapes the online maya help docs to query an input maya.cmds command (or build stubs) for its signature in Python.

Project description

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1 Synopsis

If you’re looking into this tool, you’re looking for a programmatic way of getting Maya function signatures. The current version of the tool has unfiltered prints as status logs…so that might be a deterrent… I personally built it so that I could compare my maya command calls against kwargs/args Maya expects to reduce errors.

Hope you’ll find it useful! Once you install you will now have a CLI tool called mayasig.

1.1 Features

  • Caching

  • Up to date with online help docs

  • Temp file generator

  • JSON file output

  • CLI access

  • Dict output

2 Installation

Windows, etc.

A universal installation method (that works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, …, and always provides the latest version) is to use pip:

# Make sure we have an up-to-date version of pip and setuptools:
$ pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
$ pip install maya-cmds-help

(If pip installation fails for some reason, you can try easy_install maya-cmds-help as a fallback.)

3 Usage

3.1 Bash


  mayasig [-m|--mayaversion VERSION] [-d|--depth DEPTH] (MAYA_CMDS ...)
  mayasig (-h|--help)
  mayasig (--version)

  -h --help                         Show this screen.
  --version                         Show version.
  -m VERSION --mayaversion VERSION  If you want to override which Maya docs we query (tested with 2015/2016/2017) [default: 2017]
  -d DEPTH --depth DEPTH            The depth verbosity of the return dictionary [default: 1]
  MAYA_CMDS                         Maya commands to query/scrape from the help and return signatures for

  mayasig group

  For help using this tool, please open an issue on the Github repository:

3.2 Python Package Usage

Feel free to access from the package instead via the two package-level convenience functions:


In order to access full functionality from the scraper class you can access a package level instance of maya_signatures.commands.scrape.Scraper using:

import maya_signatures
# Result:
#   storing args  ('ls',)  storing kwargs  {}
#   Successfully loaded json data, loading into cache...
#   Retrieving cached value for input
#   wrote out tmp file C:\Users\andre\dev\maya_signature_builder\scrape.json

#  Result: def ls(*args, textures=bool, selection=bool, defaultNodes=bool, templated=bool, visible=bool, references=bool, flatten=bool, nodeTypes=bool, persistentNodes=bool, intermediateObjects=bool, long=bool, leaf=bool, recursive=bool, objectsOnly=bool, lockedNodes=bool, cameras=bool, tail=int, absoluteName=bool, lights=bool, live=bool, renderSetups=bool, containerType=str, preSelectHilite=bool, type=str, containers=bool, shortNames=bool, renderResolutions=bool, head=int, showType=bool, dependencyNodes=bool, orderedSelection=bool, renderQualities=bool, readOnly=bool, referencedNodes=bool, showNamespace=bool, invisible=bool, hilite=bool, untemplated=bool, partitions=bool, ghost=bool, uuid=bool, sets=bool, geometry=bool, assemblies=bool, noIntermediate=bool, modified=bool, allPaths=bool, shapes=bool, materials=bool, excludeType=str, planes=bool, exactType=str, renderGlobals=bool, undeletable=bool, dagObjects=bool, transforms=bool):
#              pass
#  Result: storing args  ('group',)  storing kwargs  {}
#  Successfully loaded json data, loading into cache...
#  Could not find key in cached values...retrieving...
#  Trying to find command for web page:
#  wrote out tmp file C:\Users\andre\dev\maya_signature_builder\scrape.json
#  Result: [('name', 'n'), ('parent', 'p'), ('relative', 'r'), ('useAsGroup', 'uag'), ('world', 'w'), ('empty', 'em'), ('absolute', 'a')]

4 Version Support

This package supports the Maya 2015, 2016 and 2017 help docs so far so please be aware. I might back port a couple versions of the maya online help, but this is totally dependent on time.

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