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Free Open Source Electronic Document Management System

Project description

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Mayan EDMS is a document management system. Its main purpose is to store, introspect, and categorize files, with a strong emphasis on preserving the contextual and business information of documents. It can also OCR, preview, label, sign, send, and receive thoses files. Other features of interest are its workflow system, role based access control, and REST API.

The easiest way to use Mayan EDMS is by using the official Docker image. Make sure Docker is properly installed and working before attempting to install Mayan EDMS.

For the complete set of installation instructions visit the Mayan EDMS documentation at:

The final version of the book “Exploring Mayan EDMS” available now!

Click the image or visit:

Hardware requirements

  • 2 Gigabytes of RAM (1 Gigabyte if OCR is turned off).

  • Multiple core CPU (64 bit, faster than 1 GHz recommended).

Important links

4.0.4 (2021-06-05)

  • Merge updates from version 3.5.10

    • Remove event decorator database transaction Solves workflows not being launched on document creation. Closes GitLab issue #976 and issue #990, thanks to users Megamorf (@megamorf), A F (@adzzzz) for the reports and debug information.

4.0.3 (2021-06-03)

  • Merge updates from version 3.5.9

    • Fix user model theme related field error after deleting a theme already assigned to a user. Closes GitLab issue #972. Thanks to Niklas Maurer (@nmaurer) for the report.

    • Add duplicate document tool tests.

    • Speed up some OCR view tests.

    • Add explicit Docker logout repository in CD/CI jobs.

    • Fix permission required for the document content error list link to match the permission required for the document parsed content error list view. GitLab issue #954. Thanks to Ilya Pavlov (@spirkaa) for the report.

    • Fix permission required for the OCR content delete link to match the permission required for the OCR content delete view. GitLab issue #954. Thanks to Ilya Pavlov (@spirkaa) for the report.

  • Update dependency versions:

    • django-solo from version 1.1.3 to 1.1.5.

    • python-magic from version 0.4.15 to 0.4.22

  • Makefile updates

    • Unify Docker test with staging targets.

    • Replace underscore in target names with hyphen for uniformity.

    • Add Redis Docker test targets.

  • Lock manager updates

    • Rename get_instance() method to get_backend(). This method returns a class and not an instance.

    • Add management command tests.

    • Add optional _initialization method for backends.

    • Update the RedisLock backend to use a connection pool.

  • Update Docker entrypoint template to support default worker concurrency values. Now correctly passes the default concurrency value of the D class worker.

  • Updated REST API examples for version 4 of the API.

4.0.2 (2021-05-25)

  • Messaging app updates:

    • Add links to set messages as unread.

    • Automatically set messages as read upon accessing them. GitLab issue #981, thanks to Ilya Pavlov (@spirkaa) for the report.

    • Disable links to mark messages as read or unread based on the state of the message.

  • Clarify Redis and Lock manager upgrade steps.

  • Action dropdown template updates:

    • Move dropdown template partial to the navigation app.

    • Remove unused {{ link_extra_classes }}.

    • Remove obsolete dropdown HTML markup.

  • Fix action menu disabled link appearance.

  • Correct user_settings folder creation step. Closes GitLab issue #984. Thanks to Matthias Löblich (@startmat) for the report.

  • Ensure the API authentication has completed before doing initial filtering. Fixes API views returning 404 errors when using token authentication.

  • Minor source string fixes.

  • Update Django REST framework from version 3.11.0 to 3.11.2.

  • Update PIP from version 21.0.1 to 21.1.1.

  • Update django-mptt from version 0.11.0 to 0.12.0.

  • Add ordering to cabinets. Closes GitLab issue #986. Thanks to Hanno Zulla (@hzulla) for the report.

4.0.1 (2021-05-20)

  • Fix group and user setup link conditional disable not working as expected.

  • Fix Docker environment variables documentation chapter regarding worker concurrency.

  • Add troubleshooting section regarding document file access after upgrade to version 4.0.

  • Allow migration of the settings DOCUMENTS_STORAGE_BACKEND and DOCUMENTS_STORAGE_BACKEND_ARGUMENTS for more situations.

4.0 (2021-05-19)

  • Add document version page list reset.

  • Add document version page delete.

  • Add document version hash from content object.

  • Improve file and version page max page calculation.

  • Add version page navigation.

  • Support document file deletion.

  • Move document download code to document file.

  • Add document file permissions.

  • Move page count update to document file.

  • Several renames for consistency. Use the major, minor, verb order for variable names in more places.

  • Point document to latest document version. This removes the document page views and makes them aliases of the document version pages views.

  • Add document version deletion.

  • Add document file properties view.

  • Remove page disabling/enabling.

  • Add document version page model.

  • Add caches, settings and handlers for the document version cache.

  • Add document version page image API.

  • Rename DocumentPage model to DocumentFilePage.

  • Invert the document and OCR migrations dependency. Makes the OCR migration dependent on the documents app migration. This allows disabling the OCR app.

  • New event ignore and keep attribute options

  • No results template for file list view.

  • Fixed version page append

  • Convert document model save method to use event decorator.

  • Update file hooks to work when there is not previous file.

  • Remove all remaining orientation support. Remove rotation test files.

  • Add multi document version delete.

  • Add a generic multi item delete view.

  • Longer document file action texts.

  • Document stub recalculation by file save and delete

  • Better document version page remap

  • Reorganize and split document model tests

  • Add file upload mixin method.

  • Unify the action dropdown instances into a new partial called appearance/partials/actions_dropdown.html.

  • Move the related menu from the “Actions” to the facet area.

  • Add sources to their own menu.

  • Add mode argument to SharedUploadedFile.

  • Split document app model tests into separate modules.

  • Split document app test mixins into separate modules.

  • Fix the appearance of the automatically generated view titles.

  • Add a new “Return” menu for secondary object views.

  • Use the “Return” menu for the document version, document version page, document file, and document file page views.

  • Remove the “File…” reference to the document file form fields as these are now obvious.

  • Add more return links. From document version to version list, from document file to document file list, from document version page to document, from document file page to document.

  • Add document version edit view. Allows editing the document version comment.

  • Improve the return links with the chevron as the uniform secondary icon.

  • Rename the document view, document version view and document file views to document preview, document file preview and document version preview.

  • Enable more cabinets, checkouts, document comments, metadata, linking, mailer, mirroring, web links apps.

  • Allow using staging folders for new document file uploads.

  • Add conditional source link highlighting.

  • Add document version create view and permission.

  • Add validation and test for repeated document version page numbers.

  • Improve page remap code and add annotated content object list support.

  • Don’t display the file upload link on the document file delete view.

  • Update shared upload file to allow storing the original filename.

  • Upload the new document file upload code path to conserve the original filename.

  • Rename DeletedDocument to TrashedDocument, same with the corresponding trashed fields and manager methods.

  • Add document file download event.

  • Rename all instances of icon_class to icon as only icon instances are used now in every app.

  • Add icons to the mark notification as seen and mark all notification as seen links.

  • Switch both view to mark notification as read to use the POST request via a confirmation view.

  • Return the event type subscription list sorted by namespace label and event type label.

  • Make the search fields more uniform and add missing ones.

  • Add full label for search parent fields.

  • Add events for the document type quick label model.

  • Add dedicated API endpoints for the document type quick label model.

  • Update the file cache partition purge view to be a generic view that can be called using the content type of an object. Adds a new file cache partition purge permission.

  • Added ContentTypeTestCaseMixin.

  • Include EventTestCaseMixin as part of the base test case mixin.

  • Rename usage of “recent document” to the more explicit “recently accessed document”. This was done at the mode, view and API level. The recently accessed document API will now require the document view permission.

  • Rename the document model date_added field to datetime_created to better reflect the purpose of the field.

  • Add a RecentlyCreatedDocument proxy and associate the recent document columns to it.

  • Move the recently created document query calculation to its own model manager.

  • Add the recently created document API.

  • Add favorite documents API.

  • Rename the module to

  • Split the modules into and

  • Add date time field to the favorite documents models to ensure deterministic ordering when deleting the oldest favorites.

  • Rename the setting DOCUMENTS_RECENT_ACCESS_COUNT to DOCUMENTS_RECENTLY_ACCESSED_COUNT, and DOCUMENTS_RECENT_ADDED_COUNT to DOCUMENTS_RECENTLY_CREATED_COUNT. Config file migrations and migration tests were added. Environment and supervisor settings need to be manually updated.

  • Document stubs without a label will now display their ID as the label. This allows documents without files or versions to be accessible via the user interface.

  • Add the reusable ObjectActionAPIView API view. This is a view that can execute an action on an object from a queryset from a POST request.

  • Improve proxy model menu link resolution. Proxy model don’t need at least one bound link anymore to trigger resolution of all the parent model links. The inclusion logic is now reverse and defaults to exclusion. Menu need to be configured explicitly enable to proxy model link resolution using the new .add_proxy_inclusions(source) method.

  • Move the duplicated documents code to its own app.

  • Add duplication backend support to the duplicates app.

  • Add duplicates app API.

  • Add support for search model proxy registration.

  • Remove the views arguments from the SourceColumn class. Use models proxies instead to customize the columns of a model based on the view displayed.

  • Add document type change workflow action.

  • Rename WizardStep to DocumentCreateWizardStep. This change better reflects its purpose and interface.

  • Move DocumentCreateWizardStep to the sources.classes module.

  • Add automatic loading support for the wizard_step modules. It is no longer necessary to import these modules inside the App’s .ready() method.

  • Update API endpoints to use explicit primary key URL keyword arguments.

  • Split workflow models module into separate modules.

  • Remove usage of The event_actor attribute is used instead.

  • Convert the key creation and expiration fields to date and time fields.

  • Add creation and download events for keys.

  • Add event subscription for keys.

  • Include time of document signatures. Closes GitLab issue #941. Thanks to forum user Tomek (@tkwoka) for the report and additional information.

  • Add document signature tool to refresh the content of existing signatures when there are database or backend changes.

  • Moved ObjectLinkWidget to the views app.

  • Add global ACL list view.

  • appearance_app_templates now passes the request to the templates being rendered.

  • Remove the user impersonation fragment form the base.html template and moved it to its own viewport template.

  • Enable subscribing to user impersonation events.

  • Enable impersonation permission for individual users.

  • Allow impersonating users from the user list view.

  • Update jQuery from version 3.4.1 to 3.5.1.

  • Move user language and timezone code from the common app to a new app called locales.

  • Move common and smart settings app base template markup to their own apps via the viewport app template.

  • Rename document comment model’s comment field to text.

  • Support sorting document comments by user or by date.

  • Increase the size of the Lock lock manager model name field to a 255 char field. Closes GitLab issue #939. Thanks to Will Wright (@fireatwill) for the report and investigation.

  • Add example usage for the COMMON_EXTRA_APPS and COMMON_DISABLED_APPS. Closes GitLab issue #929. Thanks to Francesco Musella (@francesco.musella-biztems) for the report.

  • Reorganize mixins. Add a suffix to specify the purpose of the mixin and move them to different module when appropriate.

  • Refactored the notification generation for efficiency, scalability and simplicity. Only users subscribed to events are queued for notifications. Content types of event targets and action objects is reused from the action model instead of gathering from inspection. Nested loop removed and lowered to a single loop.

  • Optimize SourceColumn resolution. Support column exclusion for all object types. Ensure columns are not repeated when resolved even if they were defined multiple times. Improve docstring for the resolution logic in each level. Remove unused context parameter. Add SourceColumn tests.

  • Support defining the default SearchModel. This allows removing the hard coded search model name from the search template and allows third party apps to define their own default SearchModel.

  • Update MySQL Docker image from version 5.7 to 8.0. PostreSQL image from version 10.14 to 10.15. Redis image from version 5.0 to 6.0.

  • Move time delays from test and into its own test mixin. Remove MySQL test delays.

  • Standardize a class for the widgets of the class SourceColumn named SourceColumnWidget.

  • The cabinet view permission is now required for a document, to be able to view which cabinets contain that document. This change mirrors the permission layout of the metadata and tag apps.

  • File caching now uses the same lock for all file methods. This ensures that a cache file that is being deleted or purge is not open for reading and vice versa.

  • A method decorator was added to the lock manager app to ease usage of the same lock workflow in methods of the same class.

  • The error handling of the CachePartitionFile methods was improved. This ensures proper clean up of stray storage files on model file creation error. The model now avoids accessing the model file for clean up on model file creation error, which would raise a hard to understand and diagnose missing file entry error. The model now avoids updating cache size on either model or storage file creation error.

  • Support disabling form help texts via form_hide_help_text.

  • Docker image tagging layout has been updated. Images are tagged by version and series. Series have the ‘s’ prefix and versions have the ‘v’ prefix.

  • Added API endpoints for the Assets model.

  • Added cached image generation for assets.

  • Added asset detail view with image preview.

  • Added a detail view for the cache model.

  • Added the image_url field to the Workflow template serializer.

  • Added retry support for the workflow preview generation task.

  • Updated the autoadmin app to use the login template login_content template hook. This allows the autoadmin app to show login information without directly modifying the login template.

  • Update tags app to improve user event tracking on view and API.

  • Support deleting multiple document files.

  • Track document file deletion event user in views.

  • Rename setting_workflowimagecache_storage to setting_workflow_image_cache_storage_backend.

  • Support collapsing the options of the menus “list facet” and “object” when in list view mode. This behavior is controlled with the new settings: COMMON_COLLAPSE_LIST_MENU_LIST_FACET and COMMON_COLLAPSE_LIST_MENU_OBJECT. Both default to False.

  • Added a check to the task manager app to ensure all defined tasks are properly configure in their respective modules.

  • ACL apps updates: Add ACL deleted event, track action actor in API and views. Simply API views using REST API mixins. Update API views to return 404 errors instead of 403, move global ACL list to the setup menu, model that are registered for ACLs are now also automatically register events in order to receive the ACL deleted event, improve tests and add more test cases.

  • Update AddRemoveView to only call the underlying add or remove methods only if there are objects to act upon instead of calling the method with an empty queryset which would trigger unwanted events.

  • Add ExternalContentTypeObjectAPIViewMixin to the REST API app. This mixin simplifies working with models that act upon another object via their Content Type, such as the ACLs.

  • Update the ACL app to support multiple foreign object permission inheritance. Support for GenericForeignKey non default ct_field, and fk_field was also added.

  • Added support to export the global events list, object events list and user events list.

  • Registering a model to receive events will cause it to have the object event view and object event subscription links bound too. This can be disabled with the bind_links argument. The default menu to bind the links is the “List facet”. This can be changed via the menu argument.

  • Change the format of the file_metadata_value_of helper. The driver and metadata entry are now separated by a double underscore instead of a single underscore. This allows supporting drivers and entries that might contain an underscore themselves.

  • Add databases app to group data and models related code.

  • Add class support for scoped searches. GitLab issue #875.

  • Add sorting support to the API.

  • Updated how the user interface column sorting works. The code was simplified by using a single query variable. The code was expanded to support multiple fields in the future. The URL query key used for column sorting was changed to match the API sorting.a

  • Added the databases app. This app groups data and models related code.

  • Added a patch for Django’s Migration class to display time delta for each migration during development.

  • Docker Compose updates:

    • Use profiles for extra containers.

    • Converted to use extensions to remove duplicated markup.

    • A new container was added to mount an index.

    • Added support for Traefik.

    • Added sample .env file.

    • Update required Docker Compose to version 1.28.

  • Add a third document filename generator that used an UUID plus the original filename of the uploaded file. This generator has the advantage of producing unique filename while also preserving the original filename for reference.

  • Add support for the “Reply To” field for sending documents via email and for the mailing workflow actions. Closes GitLab issue #864. Thanks to Kevin Pawsey (@kevinpawsey) for the request.

  • Allow customization of the error condition when generating document images. This allows displaying more icons in addition to the generic document image error with additional contextual information and popup messages explaining the actual error condition.

  • Add key attributes to the document signature serializers. Forum topic 5085. Thanks to forum user @qra for the request.

  • Added key attributes to the document signature model as calculated properties.

  • Move detached signature upload from the created endpoint to a new /uploaded endpoint.

  • Added document signature events.

  • Refactored the workflows app.

    • Rebalance permissions needed to transition a workflow instance. The workflow instance transition permission is now needed for the document and for either the transition or the workflow.

    • Add more tests including trashed document tests.

    • Split API tests into instance and template tests.

    • Add workflow-instance-log-entry-detail end point.

    • Add parent URL fields to serializers.

    • Allow passing extra data when transitioning a workflow via the API.

    • Limit state options to workflow when using the API. This matches the UI behavior.

  • Renamed the AddRemove view main_object_method_add to main_object_method_add_name and main_object_method_remove to main_object_method_add_remove_name.

  • Add has_translations flag to MayanAppConfig to indicate if the app should have its translation files processed or ignored. Defaults to True.

  • Dependency version upgrades:

    • coverage from 5.1 to 5.5.

    • Django to 2.2.23.

    • django-debug-toolbar to 3.2.

    • django-extensions to 3.1.2.

    • django-rosetta to 0.9.4.

    • django-silk to 4.1.0.

    • flake8 to 3.9.0.

    • ipython to 7.22.0.

    • pycounty to 20.7.3.

    • requests to 2.25.1.

    • Sphinx to 3.5.4.

    • sh to 1.14.1.

    • sphinx-autobuild to 2021.3.14.

    • sphinx-sitemap to 2.2.0.

    • sphinxcontrib-spelling to 7.1.0.

    • tornado to 6.1.

    • tox from 3.14.6 to 3.23.1.

    • transifex-client to 0.14.2.

    • twine to 3.4.1.

    • wheel to 0.36.2.

  • Fix sub workflow launch state action.

  • Convert the workflow instance creation to a background task.

  • File caching app updates

    • Add cache partition purge event.

    • Use new event decorator.

    • Use related object as the cache partition purge event action object.

    • Allow cache prune to retry on LockError.

    • Add maximum cache prune failure counter.

    • Remove possible cache file lock name collision.

  • Add locking to the duplicated document scan code to workaround race condition in Django bug #19544 when adding duplicated documents via the many to many field .add() method.

  • Remove the default queue. All tasks must now be explicitly assigned to an app defined queue.

  • Update file cache to use and LRU style eviction logic.

  • Only prune caches during startup if their maximum size changed.

  • Add detection of excessive cache pruning when cache size is too small for the workload.

  • Detect and avoid duplicated queue names.

  • Add a fourth class of worker.

  • Re-balance queues.

  • Rename workers from fast, medium, and slow to A (fast), B (new workers), C (medium), D (slow).

  • Add support for passing custom nice level to the workers when using the Docker image run_worker command. The value is passed via the MAYAN_WORKER_NICE_LEVEL environment variable. This variable defaults to 0.

  • Avoid adding a transformation to a layer for which it was not registered.

  • Add LayerError exception.

  • Fix redaction ACL support.

  • Add support for typecasting the values used to filter the ACL object inherited fields.

  • Rename the mayan_settings directory, which is used to allow custom setting modules, to the more intuitive user_settings.

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