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A command-line tool to help vscode intellisense for your mbed-os projects.

Project description

VSCode Intellisense For Your Mbed Projects

mbed-vscode-tools is made for software engineers who want to develop their mbed projects in vscode instead of mbed studio. Our tool offers a commandline interface to generate and update your c_cpp_properties.json for correct vscode intellisense.


  • This tool works in conjunction with the official cli tool (mbed-tools) provided by the mbed team.
  • We assume that the users know how to use mbed-tools and its workflow. Otherwise see the official docs.


Python interpreter:

  • python >= 3.6.0 (f strings are used in our code)

Python packages:

  • 8.0.0 > click >= 7.0.0 (the latest mbed-tools requires click 7.x)

Other softwares:

  • mbed-tools >= 7.0.0
  • arm-none-eabi-gcc >= 9.0.0 or armcc >= 6.0.0
  • cmake >= 3.19.0
  • ninja >= 1.0.0


$ pip install mbed-vscode-tools

Run $ pip uninstall mbed-vscode-tools to uninstall mbed-vscode-tools.


Create c_cpp_properties.json

Prepare your c_cpp_properties.json that has "Mbed" configuration entry like below:

    "env": {},
    "configurations": [
            // "Mbed" entry will be automatically managed and updated by this tool.
            "name": "Mbed",
            "compilerPath": "/usr/bin/arm-none-eabi-gcc",  // Path to an arm compiler executable to use
            "includePath": [],       // Leave empty
            "defines": [],           // Leave empty
            "cStandard": "c17",      // Set your favorite
            "cppStandard": "c++17",  // Set your favorite
            "intelliSenseMode": "gcc-arm"  // Depends on your compiler
    "version": 4

Configure build settings for your mbed project

Make sure you're at an mbed program directory root.

Run the following command:

$ mbed-tools configure -t MBED_TOOLCHAIN -m MBED_TARGET -b MBED_PROFILE
  • MBED_TOOLCHAIN (required)
    Set "GCC_ARM" if you like to use a gnu arm compiler. If use a paid official arm c/c++ compiler, set "ARM" instead.
  • MBED_TARGET (required)
    Set your mbed-enabled board identifier. You can easily find it by connecting your board via usb and run $ mbed-tools detect.
    The "Build target(s)" field is what you are looking for.
  • MBED_PROFILE (optional)
    Choose an mbed build profile from "debug", "develop", or "release". The default parameter is "develop".

Update your c_cpp_properties.json

Make sure you're at an mbed program directory root.

Run the following command to update your c_cpp_properties.json:

$ mbed-vscode-tools update ./cmake_build/{MBED_TARGET}/{MBED_PROFILE}/{MBED_TOOLCHAIN} VSCODE_CONF_FILE
  • VSCODE_CONF_FILE (required)
    Path to your c_cpp_properties.json.

If everything goes well, includePath and defines fields of your c_cpp_properties.json are automatically updated and your vscode intellisense should work fine.

Run this command right after every execution of $ mbed-tools configure.



Update your c_cpp_properties.json.

$ mbed-vscode-tools update MBED_BUILD_DIR VSCODE_CONF_FILE [--mbed-program-dir str] [--vscode-conf-entry str] [--verbose store_true] [--help store_true]

Positional arguments:

    Set a build directory created by $ mbed-tools configure. Generally, set MBED_BUILD_DIR = {MBED_PROGRAM_DIR}/cmake_build/{MBED_TARGET}/{MBED_PROFILE}/{MBED_TOOLCHAIN} if you've executed $ mbed-tools configure -t MBED_TOOLCHAIN -m MBED_TARGET -b MBED_PROFILE -p MBED_PROGRAM_DIR.
    Path to your c_cpp_properties.json.


  • --mbed-program-dir
    Path to an mbed program directory root. If not specified, it's set to your current working directory.
  • --vscode-conf-entry
    Specify the target config entry of your c_cpp_properties.json. The default parameter is "Mbed".
  • --verbose
    Show complete message logs.
  • --help
    Show help messages.

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