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Fast tools for programming

Project description

# mblibs

Fast tools for programming

$ pip install mblibs

Usage for settings
# Using settings
from import FastSettings

settings = FastSettings("/path/to/yaml_or_json")
value = settings.get("/path/to/key", "default_value")
integer = settings.getInt("/path/to/keyInt", 12)

# => 18/07/2018
date = settings.get("/path/to/current_date", "{dd}/{mm}/{yyyy}")

# => 19/07/2018
date = settings.get("/path/to/tomorrow_date"

# => 17/07/2018
date = settings.get("/path/to/yesterday_date",

# sample
{'data': [{'ident': 'name1', 'rows': [{'key': 1}, {'key': 2}]},
{'ident': 'name2', 'rows': [{'key': 3}, {'key': 4}]}]}
settings.get("/data[1]/rows[0]/key") => 3
settings.get("/data[0]/rows") => [{'key': 1}, {'key': 2}]



* version 1.0.7 - 19/07/2018

FastSettings: path include indice for list configuraiton

{'data': [{'ident': 'name1', 'rows': [{'key': 1}, {'key': 2}]},
{'ident': 'name2', 'rows': [{'key': 3}, {'key': 4}]}]}

"/data[1]/rows[0]/key" => 3
"/data[0]/rows" => [{'key': 1}, {'key': 2}]

FastSettings: configuration can be read from file or text content
def __init__(self, config_filename="", config_content="")

FastSettings: .get(): set None retrieve to default

FastSettings: add .getFloat() function to get float configuration value

FastSettings: add macros for .getWithDateFormat()
# {yyyy}, {mm}, {dd}, {H}, {M}, {S}, {mm_human}
# {tomorrow_yyyy}, {tomorrow_mm}, {tomorrow_dd}, {tomorrow_H}, {tomorrow_M}, {tomorrow_S}, {tomorrow_mm_human}
# {yesterday_yyyy}, {yesterday_mm}, {yesterday_dd}, {yesterday_H}, {yesterday_M}, {yesterday_S}, {yesterday_mm_human}
# {weekday_tomorrow_yyyy}, {weekday_tomorrow_mm}, {weekday_tomorrow_dd}, {weekday_tomorrow_H}, {weekday_tomorrow_M}, {weekday_tomorrow_S}, {weekday_tomorrow_mm_human}
# {weekday_yesterday_yyyy}, {weekday_yesterday_mm}, {weekday_yesterday_dd}, {weekday_yesterday_H}, {weekday_yesterday_M}, {weekday_yesterday_S}, {weekday_yesterday_mm_human}
# {weekend_tomorrow_yyyy}, {weekend_tomorrow_mm}, {weekend_tomorrow_dd}, {weekend_tomorrow_H}, {weekend_tomorrow_M}, {weekend_tomorrow_S}, {weekend_tomorrow_mm_human}
# {weekend_yesterday_yyyy}, {weekend_yesterday_mm}, {weekend_yesterday_dd}, {weekend_yesterday_H}, {weekend_yesterday_M}, {weekend_yesterday_S}, {weekend_yesterday_mm_human}
# {working_tomorrow_yyyy}, {working_tomorrow_mm}, {working_tomorrow_dd}, {working_tomorrow_H}, {working_tomorrow_M}, {working_tomorrow_S}, {working_tomorrow_mm_human}
# {working_yesterday_yyyy}, {working_yesterday_mm}, {working_yesterday_dd}, {working_yesterday_H}, {working_yesterday_M}, {working_yesterday_S}, {working_yesterday_mm_human}

FastDate: Add class for manipulate datetime (yesterday, weekday_yesterday,
weekend_yesterday, working_yesterday, *_tommorrow, delta)

* version 1.0.6 - 18/07/2018

object FastSettings: add option yesterday in getWithDateFormat
can get automatics values from yaml/json configuration file like (for today 18/07/2018)
key: {dd}/{mm}/{yyyy} => 18/07/2018
tomorrow_key: {tomorrow_dd}/{tomorrow_mm}/{tomorrow_yyyy} => 19/07/2018
yesterday_key: {yesterday_dd}/{yesterday_mm}/{yesterday_yyyy} => 17/07/2018

* version 1.0.5 - 01/04/2018

1st public release

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