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The generator of a machine code decoder, transforming a user-defined machine code specification into decoder codes.

Project description

README: mcdecoder

The mcdecoder (Machine Code Decoder) is a set of tools to implement a machine code decoder. It includes tools to:

  • Generate a decoder for a user-defined machine code specification
  • Emulate a decoder for a binary data and show decoded result
  • Check the integrity of a machine code specification
  • etc.

Currently, the mcdecoder only generates decoders in C language.


  1. Define your machine code specification

    # arm.yaml
      byteorder: little
      - name: add_immediate_a1
        format: xxxx:cond|00|1|0100|x:S|xxxx:Rn|xxxx:Rd|xxxx xxxx xxxx:imm12
  2. Generate a decoder

    mcdecoder generate arm.yaml
  3. Use the decoder from a C client

    const uint8_t kMachineCodes[] = { 0x04, 0xB0, 0x8D, 0xE2, };
    DecodeRequest request;
    DecodeResult result;
    bool succeeded; = &kMachineCodes[0];
    succeeded = DecodeInstruction(&request, &result);

For more details, follow Installation steps below and go on to Quickstart tutorial.

Who is mcdecoder for

  • Developers of a CPU emulator
    • To implement the decoder part of an emulator
  • Developers of a static analyzer for machine codes
    • To implement the decoder part of an analyzer
  • Learners of the basics about machine codes
    • Hands-on approach to learn: write and test actual machine codes

Implementing and maintaining a decoder are tough and cumbersome. The mcdecoder soothes these pains by generating a decoder. The mcdecoder was originally developed for athrill, a CPU emulator. It is now independent from athrill.


  • Python 3.8 (with pip)


python3.8 -m pip install mcdecoder


The mcdecoder uses MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.

More details about usage

See documents for mcdecoder users.

For developers of mcdecoder

See documents for mcdecoder developers.

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