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Quick-install/provision a fresh Miniconda distribution from scratch.

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A script to quickly make/provision a fresh Miniconda installation from scratch.

The goal of this script is to quickly install a fresh Miniconda across different operating systems and use it in a CI/CD context, too. It will download a Miniconda binary based on your operating system, unpack the binary and install it locally. It was tested on MacOS and Linux ok, has decent Windows support and also aims to support ARM6 and ARM7 on the Raspberry Pi via Berryconda (sadly no longer maintained).

This script has no external dependencies, but expects to be run with Python 3.5+, 3.5 only because this is likely still the prevalent Python 3 version on Rasbian.

N.B. This project is often updated online which is why its git history might look strange…


Very briefly, it’s pip install mcinstall. More details are available in INSTALL.rst.

Sample Usage

If you run it like this:

mcinstall ~/Downloads/mc3

it will run a command like this on macOS (using some defaults and decent system introspection) to create a conda base installation:

bash -b -f -p ~/Downloads/mc3

This can be activated then with a command like this:

source ~/Downloads/mc3/bin/activate

Windows Example:

On Windows if you execute this command:

mcinstall %USERPROFILE%\downloads\mc3

it will run a command like this:

start /wait "" Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe /InstallationType=JustMe /RegisterPython=0 /S /D=%USERPROFILE%\downloads\mc3

This conda installation can be activated then with a command like this:


Suggested test:

mcinstall --verbose --pip-dependencies jupyter,torch ~/Downloads/torchy
source ~/Downloads/torchy/bin/activate
python -c "import torch; print('ok')"

Suggested test dependencies files:

$ more ~/Downloads/reqs.txt

$ more ~/Downloads/env.yml
name: test
  - conda-forge
  - voila

Sample run (replaced home directory with ~ manually):

$ mcinstall --verbose --pip-dependencies jupyter,torch ~/Downloads/torchy
Making directory ~/Downloads/torchy.
Downloading ...
Copying to ~/Downloads/ ...
Running command: bash ~/Downloads/ -b -f -p ~/Downloads/torchy
Unpacking payload ...
Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): ...working... done
Solving environment: ...working... done


Preparing transaction: ...working... done
Executing transaction: ...working... done
installation finished.

Running command: ~/Downloads/torchy/bin/pip install jupyter

Running command: ~/Downloads/torchy/bin/pip install torch

Run this to start using your fresh Miniconda: "source ~/Downloads/torchy/bin/activate".

Example command to pass index-url for pip:

mcinstall --verbose --pip-dependencies  pypi_pkg_test --pip-index-url ~/Downloads/torchy

Example command to pass extra-index-url for pip:

mcinstall --verbose --pip-dependencies  pypi_pkg_test --pip-index-url --pip-extra-index-url ~/Downloads/torchy

Example to pass multiple extra-index-url for pip:

mcinstall --verbose --pip-dependencies  pypi_pkg_test --pip-index-url --pip-extra-index-url, ~/Downloads/torchy

Sample log file (mcinstall.log):

mv ~/Downloads/
bash ~/Downloads/ -b -f -p ~/Downloads/torchy
source ~/Downloads/torchy/bin/activate
~/Downloads/torchy/bin/pip install jupyter
~/Downloads/torchy/bin/pip install torch

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