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multilanguage Rabi-Ribi display

Project description

multilanguage Rabi-Ribi display


if you are running md_rbrb from the source code directory, disregard all the above (except for the mecab part) and just run start-md_rbrb.bat

how it works

  • it attaches to rabiribi.exe and uses hardcoded memory addresses to read out the currently visible dialogue line from the process memory

  • on each new line it parses the game’s dialogue file from disk and reads out the japanese and english variant of said line

  • an httpd offers a document which displays the current dialogue line and autorefreshes to load new lines


if there’s a new version of rabi-ribi and this script has died, open up the following file for reference along with cheatengine: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rabi-Ribi\localize\event\story_en.rbrb

  • start a new game

  • tap past the first two lines of dialogue (... and ...?)

  • stop at the 3rd line (Yawn...)

  • CTRL-F the dialogue line in story_en.rbrb, you’ll see its block ID right above the search result

  • do a 4byte search for that ID (10000), you’ll see a couple results

  • skip 3 lines ahead until just after the cutscene, then stop at the 1st line (Wh-What is this place?)

  • do another search for the new ID (10001), now there’s only two search results

  • add the 1st result to the code list by doubleclicking it, then rightclick it in the codelist and Pointerscan for this address, use default settings, hit OK and Yes (it’ll only take like 44kB)

  • the top result will have “Offset 0” = 0 and the other offsets are blank, you just found ADR_BLOCK_ID which is the hexadecimal value under “Base Address

  • without advancing the dialogue, start a new 4byte search for 0, then move one line ahead ingame and search for 1, then one more line and search for 2 etc until there’s just one result with green text

  • pointerscan that result and grab the first result with “Offset 0” = 0, that is ADR_BLOCK_POS

note that if the dialogue box goes away for a camera pan or whatever then you have to start over since that makes it go back to 0, so do this with a dialogue scene that goes on for a bit uninterrupted


  • 2017/03/24: v1.1 for Rabi-Ribi v1.88

  • 2017/02/19: v1.0 for Rabi-Ribi v1.75

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