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A CLI for extracting python metadata from packages

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Your DJ of MetaData.

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A CLI for interacting with your python package metadata.

Supports multiple packaging backends via a uniform interface.


pipx install mddj


Env Vars

Build Isolation

MDDJ_ISOLATED_BUILDS=0 can be set to disable the (default) behavior using isolated build environments when getting package metadata.

This requires that you have installed all of the build-system requirements in to the current environment, but will be much faster.


See --help on each command for more detail on supported options.

mddj self version

Show the version of mddj.

mddj read requires-python

Show the requires_python field.

mddj read version

Show the version.

mddj read tox min-version

Show the minimum python version in the tox env_list.

mddj read tox list-versions

Show all python versions in the tox env_list.

mddj write version

Write a new version to a target file, defaulting to a version = ... assignment in pyproject.toml.

Supports configuration via pyproject.toml.


Configuration for mddj can only be read from a tool.mddj table in pyproject.toml. No other configuration sources are supported.


This setting controls how version information is written for mddj write version.

It takes a colon delimited string with two or three values. Either {mode}:{path}:{key} or {mode}:{key}.

The only supported {mode} is "assign" (for now). {path} defaults to pyproject.toml if omitted. {key} is the name of the attribute used to assign a value.

This defaults to assign: version.

For example, the following config can be used to target a __version__ attribute in an file in a src-layout project:

write_version = "assign: src/foopkg/ __version__"


mddj is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

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