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Python tools to print strings to markdown file with styles. Also allows printing dicts and lists to table

Project description


Python tools to print strings to markdown file with styles. Also allows printing dicts and lists to table


pip install mdprint

Quick Start


mdprint('Markdown styles', heading=3)
mdprint('It is convenient to use mdprint just like print.\n')
mdprint('You can make text ', end='')
mdprint('bold', bold=True, end=', ')
mdprint('italics', italics=True, end=', ')
mdprint('or even ', end='')
mdprint('strikethrough', strikethrough=True)
mdprint('\nYou can also write ', end='')
mdprint('code', code=True)
mdprint('from mdprint import mdprint', code_block=True)

Markdown styles

It is convenient to use mdprint just like print.

You can make text bold, italics, or even strikethrough

You can also write code

from mdprint import mdprint

Writing to file

mdprint takes file argument similar to print

with open('', 'w') as f:
    mdprint('Hello', heading=2, file=f)


from mdprint import mdprint_dict
mydict = {'dogs': ['goldie', 'labrador', 'bulldog'], 'cats': ['polydactyl', 'snowshoe', 'calico'], 'fish': ['cod', 'herring', 'mackerel']}
dogs cats fish
goldie polydactyl cod
labrador snowshoe herring
bulldog calico mackerel


from mdprint import mdprint_list
mylist = [['goldie', 'labrador', 'bulldog'], [4, 5, 6], [7, 8, 9], [10, 11, 12]]
goldie labrador bulldog
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12


You can sort, invert and combine commands

mdprint_list([['animal type', 'variety 1', 'variety 2', 'variety 3']], end='')
mdprint_dict(b, keys_as_headers=False, sort_keys=True, start='')
animal type variety 1 variety 2 variety 3
cats polydactyl snowshoe calico
dogs goldie labrador bulldog
fish cod herring mackerel


Pull requests are very welcome.

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Create new branch with feature name as branch name
  3. Check if things work with a jupyter notebook
  4. Raise a pull request


Please see attached Licence

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