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A markdown link preprocessor for Python Markdown

Project description

Mdx Link2MD: Convert markdown to HTML in batch

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This extension for Python Markdown changes md extension in the markdown links to html before links in the text are converted to HTML hyperlinks. For example, the sample text in markdown format,

Please read [help](../

would be converted to

Please read <a href="../read.html">help</a>


This would allow converting markdown files to HTML format in batch, with internal links to markdown files being updated to the corresponding HTML files. It helps most when there are cross references among the markdown documents of interest.


The project is on PyPI!

$ pip install mdx_link2md

If you want the latest version, which might include unreleased-to-PyPI code, you can always grab the develop branch directly from Git.

$ pip install git+git://


As A Utility Script

The package can run as a top-level script to convert the multiple markdown files in batch:

$ python -m mdx_link2md <files_to_be_converted>

The converted files are placed in the same directory as the source files with the same names of html extension.

As A Module

If more flexibility is desired, the package could be used as a Python module.

from markdown import markdown
from mdx_link2md.markdownlinks import MarkdownLinkExtension

md = markdown.Markdown(output_format='html5',
md.convertFile('input_file', output='output_file', encoding='utf-8')

Please see for the source code of the script that makes the module work as a utility, as described in the preceding subsection.

Configuration Settings

The only setting for the extension is ignore_url, with a True default value. When ignore_url is False, markdown links to none local files are also updated:

ignore_url input output
True [help]( <a href="">help</a>
False [help]( <a href="">help</a>


1. If the package is run as a utility script, `ignore_url` is set to `True`.
2. The package is case insensitive to the `md` file extension in either usage.


develop branch holds the latest stable code. Please create branches off develop branch for any changes or enhancement. It's suggested you first create a virtual environment and activate it, then:

$ git clone

. For Python 2.x,

$ pip install -r requirements/python2.txt

, while for Python 3.x,

$ pip install -r requirements/python3.txt

With this being done, import mdx_link2md would pick up any local changes made to the package.


  1. Make it work for links in other forms
  2. Fix circle ci for publishing to PyPi

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