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A simple package for generating mdx scripts

Project description

This is a simple library to help building .mdx scripts. It is composed by:

  • A simple syntax module to generate mdx

  • Functions to generate mdx sets from lists, .json arrays or prefined .mdx sets

  • A writer class and a writer context manager


pip install mdx


# Usage
from mdx import syntax as s
from mdx import MDXSetConstructor, writerContext
from mdx import loadJson, loadMDX

toyCodeBuilder = MDXSetConstructor(memberPath="[Products].[ProductName]", comment="Product Codes")
colorCodeBuilder = MDXSetConstructor(memberPath="[Colors]", comment="Color Codes")

toys = {
  'dolls' : toyCodeBuilder(codeList=[1,2,3], listName="toy dolls")

colors = {
  'blue' : colorCodeBuilder(codeList=['blue', 'cyan'], listName="blues")

# Loads .mdx files in path
# Each file becomes available as a tuple member with the file name as key
toys = loadMDX(
  extraMembers = toys, # Add extra members defined by hand

# Loads .json files in path
# Each file becomes available as a member of a named tuple with the file name as field
colors = loadJSON(
  extraMembers = colors,  # Add extra members defined by hand

# The first two arguments are passed automatically by the context manager
def volume(writer, sets, name, *expressions, **kwargs):

  # Perform some common .mdx operations here...

      s.sumExisting('[Measures].[PurchaseCount]', s.intersect(*expressions)

writer = MDXWriter(name='writer', path='./interestingToys') # by default the path is set on config["OUTPUT_FOLDER"]

# Putting it all together
with writerContext((toys, colors), writer) as (measures, config):

    # the writer and set variables are passed to the measure after the arguments
    'volume of interesting toy purchases',
      s.tuple(, colors.any),

# The output will be available at ./interestingToys.mdx

# Configuration options
from mdx import config
config["OUTPUT_FOLDER"] = "./path/to/folder"
config["LIST_BASE_PATH"] = "./path/to/folder"
config["TAB_SIZE"] = 2

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