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A command line translator powered by Youdao api

Project description

A command line translator powered by [Youdao api](

## usage

  1. translator TEXT

The program can be used with a TEXT to be translated followed.

`shell $translator good 好 --------------------- 美音:[ɡʊd] 英音:[gʊd] 更多释义: n. 好处;善行;慷慨的行为 adj. 好的;优良的;愉快的;虔诚的 adv. 好 n. (Good)人名;(英)古德;(瑞典)戈德 `

  1. translator without any args

It can also be used without any args to enter the interactive mode.

`shell $translator Enter your text to be translated.Type `q` to quit. >>hello 你好 --------------------- 美音:[hɛˈlo, hə-] 英音:[hə'ləʊ; he-] 更多释义: n. 表示问候, 惊奇或唤起注意时的用语 int. 喂;哈罗 n. (Hello)人名;(法)埃洛 >> `

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