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Mediabyte - a succinct syntax for handling online media

Project description


Mediabyte is an open-source poly-platform playlist format and succinct online media referencing syntax.


The mediabyte format is

  • an open-source online media playlist format
  • an online media referencing format
    • a succinct alternative to the URL format
    • with optional explicit metadata (title, tags, time-codes)
  • a simple Mixtape HTML player
  • a Python API for hacking with the format
  • friendly with Jupyter Notebook

Value Proposition

  • tag the content of specific YouTube videos
    • e.g. to help discoverability of favourite content
  • remix YouTube videos with 1-second precision
    • e.g. to create a topical mix of clips from a video series
  • play a YouTube search directly
  • reference, tag and access any online content
    • native Bitly hash support (incl. custom hashes)
  • index and remix podcast episodes
    • native MP3 support

.omm Mixtape file

OMM syntax highlight example

link to the Mixtape file above (Mixtape links can be parsed by the system, copy the link and try it yourself)

The mediabyte tag syntax

  1. tags are separated by dots
  2. title-case tags are titles
  3. YouTube time code tags are such
  4. remaining tags are ordinary tags
  5. y.youtubehash or b.bitlyhash is mandatory
  6. all other tags are optional

The yota objects: Yota, Cue, Sample, Mixtape

  1. a yota with no start code is a Yota object (the original YouTube video)
  2. a yota with a start time code is a Cue object (the YouTube video with a start time)
  3. a yota with start and end time codes is a Sample object (the YouTube video clip)
  4. a Mixtape is a collection of Yota, Cue, Sample, and bit objects

Check out the mediabyte documentation for details and examples.

The bit objects: Link and Mp3 (beta)

  1. a bit.Link is a bitly link: b.bitlyhash (general link support)
  2. a bit can have title and tags (just like the yota objects)
  3. a bit can be a yota tag y.youtubehash.b.bitlyhash or stand alone
  4. a bit.Mp3 - a bit.Link with the tag mp3 - is a bitly MP3 link (MP3 support)
  5. a bit.Mp3 has 0-2 time codes, yota-style handling and VLC playback
  6. a Mixtape of bit.Mp3 (e.g. podcast clips) can be saved to local harddisk as
    • individual Sample MP3 files or
    • one combined Mixtape MP3 file

Project Status

The mediabyte back-end is feature-complete.

The OMM syntax is logically complete, expressive and succinct.

General interface omm() to parse any mediabyte string, Mixtape file or Mixtape link.

Syntax highlighting and .omm file association using the contained Atom package. (beta)

Search YouTube directly and get results in Mixtape with youtube('copenhagen 10').

Keyword search using YouTube auto-generated subtitles. (pro version)

Mixtape files supports arbitrary white-space. (freestyle formatting)

Bitly links. (general link support)

Custom Bitly link support, e.g. b.noagendashow-1189.

MP3 support.

Pip installation pip install mediabyte.

Windows 10 support. (beta)

mediabyte.hash referencing: o.diu5ir4jkk3 (full hash) or omm('o.diu') (uniquely match).

Write bit.MP3 Mixtape chapters to MP3s or splice chapters to single Mixtape MP3. (MP3 remixing) (alpha)

Load online .omm Mixtape files.

Search history with search('podcast'). (tag, title or mediabyte hash search)

Convert manually saved YouTube .htm file to Mixtape.

Convert YouTube Takeout watch history file to Mixtape.

Online mediabyte and Mixtape link player.

Online YouTube search to player.

Native a.amazonhash Amazon link support. (alpha)

Stream .m3u8 link support b.bitlyhash.m3u8.

Local history search regex and save filter option.

Http link support and Site.some.tags.

ommString object with .omm() parsing, .vlc() playback and xdg-open .open().

Reference (in local instance) mediabyte from ( server by full o.mediabytehash. (system-wide availability)

Upload (from local instance) Yota/Cue/Sample/Mixtape to server yota.upload(). (system-wide publishing)

Yota and Mixtape download_mp3() and download_mp4(). (download YouTube video or audio)

Currently the output options are:

  • basic continuous HTML/JavaScript player, HTML Wall-of-TV, HTML links, VLC playback* and open in tabs for Mixtape

  • VLC playback, HTML Iframe and open in tab for Sample, Cue and Yota

  • VLC playback and open in tab for bit.Link

  • VLC playback for bit.Mp3

  • Mixtape MP3 or Sample MP3s for bit.Mp3 Mixtape

* currently Yota-only Mixtapes

                                    Updated December 14th 2019

Project details

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