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Personal push notification and debug tool for multi-tasking software developers

Project description

MeerkatIO Python Package



MeerkatIO is the personal notification platform for software engineers and data scientists that allows you to use the notification channels that fit your workflow. This one package immediately opens the door to any notification method you need to save time in your day, integrating with all of the built in tools already at your fingertips.

Get started with just 2 lines of code!

Available Notification Channels

The MeerkatIO Python package supports the following notification channels:

  • Ping
  • System
  • Slack Direct Message
  • SMS
  • Email


$ pip3 install meerkatio


No account or authentication is required to use the Ping or System notifications, and all other communication channels can be easily enabled with a MeerkatIO Account or through the MeerkatIO Command Line Interface tool.

CLI Account Registration

This package provides a convenient way to get up and running. The register command will prompt you for a username and password to start your free account, and on success your environment will be set up for you so you can skip the Authentication Token Setup steps.

$ meerkat register

Authentication Token Setup

Using your username and password from MeerkatIO:

$ meerkat login

Or manually set the MeerkatIO token with one of the following examples:

# Option 1: Environmental Variable
$ export MEERKAT_TOKEN=token

# Option 2: Cache File
$ echo "token" > ~/.meerkat

Code Examples

import meerkat

# Ping when script gets to checkpoint

# Send a confirmation a function has run
output = build_model()

# Send Slack message to document model performance
perf = get_model_performance(output)

# Send SMS message when the script is finished
meerkat.sms("Script completed!")

Jupyter Notebook Example

import meerkat

# Ping when cell hits a debug checkpoint

# Send a confirmation that a cell has run
output = build_model()
%email output

# Send Slack message to document model performance
perf = get_model_performance(output)
%slack perf

# Send SMS message when the cell reaches the end
%sms "Cell completed!"

MeerkatIO Jupyter Notebook personal notification example alerting options

MeerkatIO CLI Tool

Access all of the same communication methods from your command prompt to integrate with any workflow.

$ meerkat ping
$ meerkat email "Bash script output: $1"
$ meerkat sms "Firmware build completed."
$ meerkat slack "Bash script complete"

Here is an example of how to use Meerkat with any script running from a terminal in order to ping youself when the script is finished running.

$ make build && meerkat email "Build succeeded" || meerkat sms "Build failed"

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