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Memcache Inspection Module and Command-Line Utility

Project description


This package includes two things:

  • A Python module for extracting keys from Memcached servers.

  • A command-line utility for exploring, searching, and updating Memcached items.

This utility make uses of the Memcached “features” discussed in the SensePost Blog.


Using pip (recommended):

$ pip install memcacheinspector

Or, using easy_install:

$ easy_install memcacheinspector

Or, you can download the source and install it by hand:

$ python install

Installing the package installs both the memcacheinspector python module as well as the mcinspect command-line utility.


Usage: mcinspect [options] <action> [<arguments>]

  list                    Lists all items stored in the server(s).
  dump                    Dumps all items (including values) stored in the server(s).
  grep <pattern>          Dumps all items (including values) whose key or value matches
                          the specified search pattern.
  get <key> [<key> ..]    Retrieves the items with the specified key(s).
  set <key> <value>       Sets the item with the specified key and value.
  incr key                Increments the value of the items with the specified key(s).
  decr key                Decrements the value of the items with the specified key(s).
  delete <key> [<key> ..] Deletes the items with the specified key(s).
  flush                   Expires all items in the server(s).
  stats                   Retrieves statistics from the server(s).

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SERVERS, --server=SERVERS
                        Specifies a server to connect to. Can be used multiple
                        times. Defaults to ''.
  -z MAX_VALUE_SIZE, --max-value-size=MAX_VALUE_SIZE
                        The maximum size (in bytes) of a value can be when
                        performing a list or dump action. Defaults to no
  -d DELTA, --delta=DELTA
                        The amount to change the value when using the incr or
                        decr actions.

Output Format:
  <server connection string>|<expiration date>|<size in bytes>|<key>

dump, grep:
  <server connection string>|<expiration date>|<size in bytes>|<key>

get, incr, decr:
  <server connection string>|<key>

set, delete:
  <server connection string>|<key>

  <server connection string>

  <server connection string>|<statistic key>|<value>


memcacheinspector is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for full text of the license.


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