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Custodian and live editor of your LLM's memory

Project description

Mnemosyne is the custodian and the live editor of your LLM's memory

This comes with a few consequences:

  • the LLM's next answer in your chat window will depend on what you make the LLM believe that it answered before
  • thus, you can time travel through the history of the chat, change what you have asked about and what was answered to you
  • if you are a fan of movies like Total Recall,Memento or Inception you can see how the LLM's view of reality is distorted by letting Mnemosyne play with its memory

Other features that simply manage your chat context:

  • if you asked the same question again, the answer will be retrieved from the short term or long term memory at no API cost to you
  • when you get close to the token limit, the oldest item in the short term memory is moved to the long-term memory
  • when changing the subject of your chat you can spill all the content of the short-term memory into the long-term memory
  • if you run an LLM using the same API as OpenAI (e.g., Vicuna) listening on a local port, Mnemosyne can also manage your interaction with it


First, you will need to acquire your OpenAI key from here.

If you have cloned this repo, you can install the package memesis from its folder with:

pip3 install -e .

and then run it with:


You can also install it from pypi with:

pip3 install memesis

and then run it with:

python -m

Soon, you can also try out at:


Paul Tarau

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