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Python library of hashing and caching

Project description


Memoria is a Python library for hashing and caching.


pip install memoria

Benefits of Memoria


Unfortunately the built-in hash method is not consistent. For example if you hash a string in two different Python sessions, e.g., hash('hello world!'), you may get different results, e.g., -69600567246316219 or -8701498716516122875. However, Memoria is consistent, e.g., memoria.hash('hello world!') produces PwDVM4wattDXKR1HUtszcPP5BHTUVTYQ5X0cO51yAn4=. We should credit the built-in library hashlib of course.

Hashing Unhashable Types

Memoria can hash virtually anything. If you use the built-in hash method hash(dict()) or hash(list()) you will get an error: TypeError: unhashable type: 'dict' but Memoria can even hash unhashable types by converting them into a hashable type and hashing the result. To make sure that the hash is still different between the original type and the hashable representation, Memoria takes some additional measures.


import memoria

# hashing a python object
# >>> 'zi+wk24s9wwA/UiNRKbjeu6JfDi78yCj7yVL87sS0Ko='

# base is 64 by default but 32 can also be used. 
# base 64 should not be used in the file-system, e.g., file names, because it has inadmissible characters.
memoria.hash(123, base=32)
# >>> 'PONR14RE5JRGO07T926K99N3FBN8IV1ONFPI18VF4L5V7EOIQ2L0----'

# dictionaries are unhashable but Memoria can hash them
memoria.hash({'name': 'John', 'age': 24})
# >>> 'ioCMz5B8pcdk2CxcbIX/3n3qnQRn/yv9/zvC5Wc0YlU='

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