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Dolmen contenttype extension : document

Project description

menhir.contenttype.document provides a text-centered content for Dolmen based Grok applications. This document type has a field allowing a WYSIWYG edition and indexes itself for full-text searches.


A Document has a dedicated schema defining a text field, in addition of the base IDescriptiveSchema:

>>> from import IDescriptiveSchema
>>> from menhir.contenttype.document import IDocument

>>> IDocument.isOrExtends(IDescriptiveSchema)

>>> from dolmen.content import schema
>>> from menhir.contenttype.document import Document

>>> IDocument in schema.bind().get(Document)

The text field is called “body”, as it is the document’s body text:

>>> for attr, doc in IDocument.namesAndDescriptions():
...   print attr, ':', doc
body : <zope.schema...Text object at ...>


In order to create a Document content, the current user will have to be granted the dolmen.content.Add permission, from the package:

>>> from dolmen.content import require
>>> require.bind().get(Document)


The WYSIWYG widget is provided by dolmen.widget.tinymce, using the javascript library TinyMCE and jQuery. The Add form and the Edit form will display the widget, since menhir.contenttype.document provides a FieldsCustomizer adapter (see dolmen.forms.crud documentation):

>>> from dolmen.forms.crud import Edit
>>> mydoc = Document(title=u'Some title', body=u"Some body")

>>> from zope.publisher.browser import TestRequest
>>> request = TestRequest()

>>> editform = Edit(mydoc, request)
>>> editform.update()

>>> editform.fields['body'].mode


A Document is indexed in full-text, using an ISearchableText adapter:

>>> from zope.index.text.interfaces import ISearchableText
>>> indexer = ISearchableText(mydoc)
>>> indexer.getSearchableText()
(u'Some title', u'', u'Some body\n\n')

>>> mydoc.body = u'<p>Rich content comes in <strong>HTML</strong></p>'
>>> indexer.getSearchableText()
(u'Some title', u'', u'Rich content comes in **HTML**\n\n')

>>> mydoc.description = u"I'm described"
>>> indexer.getSearchableText()
(u'Some title', u"I'm described", u'Rich content comes in **HTML**\n\n')


A Document has its very own index view, allowing it to render in a simple way, without the default field names (see dolmen.forms.crud):

>>> from zope.component import getMultiAdapter
>>> view = getMultiAdapter((mydoc, request), name='index')

>>> from import Page
>>> isinstance(view, Page)

>>> print view.content()
<div class="document">
  <h1>Some title</h1>
  <p>Rich content comes in <strong>HTML</strong></p>


0.2 (2011-02-14)

  • Updated to use IDescriptiveContent from instead of IBaseContent from dolmen.content that non longer exists : a document now has a description attribute in addition to title. This change has been echoed in the indexer.

  • Updated dependencies.

0.1 (2010-07-20)

  • Initial release

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