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A dynamic graph-based metric computation engine.

Project description

Mensor is a graph-based computation engine for computing measures and metrics. It:

  • defines a new grammar for extracting measures and metrics that is designed to be intuitive and capable (it can do almost(?) anything that makes sense to do with metrics and measures).
  • makes measure and metric definitions explicit and shareable, and their computations transparent and reproducible.
  • allows multiple data sources to be stitched together on the fly without users having to explicitly write the code / query required to join the data sources.
  • is agnostic as to how data is stored or accessed, and new data backends are relatively simple to write.
  • allows for local ad-hoc definitions of additional data sources for exploration by data scientists or other technically minded folk, decoupling it from deployment into production services.

Note: Mensor is currently still under heavy development, and intrusive changes to the API are expected. To minimise the impact on downstream projects, Mensor will strictly adhere to semantic versioning. In particular, any incompatible or sufficiently adventurous change to classes expected to be used outside of Mensor itself will result in a minor version bump. If you pin the version of Mensor used in your project using mensor>=x.y(.z)?<x.y+1 (e.g. mensor>=0.1.2<0.2), you should be protected from any code churn and can upgrade to newer versions of Mensor after reading the release notes at your leisure.

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mensor-0.3.1.tar.gz (39.1 kB view hashes)

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