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Scan and receive alerts for newly listed items on Mercari

Project description

Mercari Scanner

Image of Mercari



pip install mercari-scanner
python3 -m mercariscanner --slack-token xoxb-blah-blah -h 


docker pull chadbowman0/mercari-scanner:latest
docker run chadbowman0/mercari-scanner:latest --slack-token xoxb-blah-blah -h

Local (with config.ini)

git clone ~/mercari-scanner
python3 -m venv ~/mercari-scanner/env && source ~/mercari-scanner/env/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install ~/mercari-scanner


usage: [-h] [--min-price MIN_PRICE] [--max-price MAX_PRICE] [--delay DELAY] [--slack-token SLACK_TOKEN]
                   [--slack-channel SLACK_CHANNEL] [--tiers TIERS] [--start-stop-alert | --no-start-stop-alert]

positional arguments:
  keyword               Mercari search keyword

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --min-price MIN_PRICE
                        Amount in dollars to filter out items less than min-price
  --max-price MAX_PRICE
                        Amount in dollars to filter out items more than max-price
  --delay DELAY         Time in seconds to wait before the next scan (default: 60)
  --slack-token SLACK_TOKEN
                        Slack API token
  --slack-channel SLACK_CHANNEL
                        Slack channel to publish alerts to
  --tiers TIERS         Semi-colon-separated key-value pairs that define tier message templates. A template will be used if an item
                        is less than or equal to the amount.Example: "420=Wow! {name} is an amazing deal! Only ${price}; 1000=Hey
                        check out this less cool deal{newline}{url}". Available variables: price, name, url, newline
  --start-stop-alert, --no-start-stop-alert
                        Alert when scanner starts and stops



Pass the --slack-token argument:

python3 -m mercariscanner --slack-token xoxb-blah-blah --slack-channel mercari "pokemon pillows"


Modify config.ini to include your Slack API bot token and the channel you want to alert to:

token = xoxb-blah-blah
channel = mercari

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