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Django-based CMS on steroids

Project description

Merengue is a full-featured and pluggable CMS designed for creating websites, writing less code and mantaining clean, elegant and re-usable code.

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Version 0.9.0

  • Merge custommeta plugin into core plugin and refactor merengue so every portal will be able to use custom meta pages. See #2365.
  • Add the anonymous user of view of the menus. See #2366.
  • Fix adding group to roles when settings the permissions of an object. See #2364.
  • Support configurable plain text generation for all contents, useful for indexing in search engines. See #1088.
  • Refactor standingout plugin to improve its use inside sections or microsites. See #2358.
  • Add support for django message framework instead of using the old cmsutils.log. See #2362.
  • Catch SMTP exceptions, which are sent to the user. See #2361.
  • Extend global model admins (no related ones) change permission to users that own contents or are owners of a section/microsite. See #2360.
  • Add searchform to merengue jsi18n catalog. See #2359.
  • Section owners now are able to edit any related content to the section. See #2357.
  • Fix contactform opts bug when filling name field. See #2355.
  • Restricted admin of basesection. See #2356.
  • Add order in standingout categories. See #2354.
  • Fix javascript comparisons. See #2352.
  • In contactform plugin fields order is the same that admin interface. See #2351.
  • Rename file names with accents in filebrowser plugin to avoid problems. See #2349.
  • Fixed statistics error in piwik plugin. See #2348.
  • Avoid problems when trying to save a CMYK image as PNG. See #2347.
  • Fix breadcrumbs signature in plugins and base objects. See #2345.
  • Create plugins to set meta title, description and keywords to any page. See #2341.
  • Updated saml2 plugin to work with djangosaml2-0.6.1. See #2335.
  • Allow staff users to access model admins of the objects they own. See #2343.
  • Sort contents inside a contentgroup in contentmenu plugin. See #2334.
  • Fix bug in collection limit. See #2331.
  • Now the contact form block if the form has error is not cacheable. See #2329.
  • Fix calendar block when changing months. See #2330.
  • Customizable section views for developers. See #2324.
  • Enable plugins before any other merengue middleware. See #2325.
  • Improve contactform plugin. Add a name field to the options of a contact form so you can identify options by using their name instead of ‘option_N’. See #2326.
  • The link of the custom portlet plugin is now optional. See #2327.
  • Update django-compressor to the 1.1.2 release. See #2328.
  • Allow to overwrite the default content commentable behaviour with a CONTENT_COMMENTABLE_BY_DEFAULT setting. See #2317.
  • Add a category filtered block in banner plugin. See #2316.
  • Add links into a microsite. See #2312.
  • Implement a method that allows sections to insert css classes into body.

Version 0.8.2

  • Fixed an UnicodeDecodeError caused by transmeta 0.6.7 version. See #2308.

Version 0.8.1

  • Fixed a weird error when registering new plugins. See #2229.
  • Improved keywords to improve searching on pypi. See #2284.

Version 0.8.0-final

  • More Selenium tests. See #2136 and #1746.
  • Invalid the block cache when user edit a block using inline edit. See #2242.
  • SEO improvements, with sitemap.xml generation. See #2248.
  • Included merengue/media in the synchronized media when you executes sync_apps_media command. See #2243.
  • Including expire headers in nginx configuration in the install documentation. See #377.
  • Incluiding inline edit to highlight plugin. See #2246.
  • Complete view for reporting a permission denied to the user and manager. See #2151.
  • More translations. See #2.
  • Unfrozen recaptcha client dependence in contactform plugin. See #2267.
  • Added cache block in render_single_block tag. See #2269.
  • Hided 3d images and panoramic views, because are not fully implemented in Merengue. See #2275.
  • New Debug Toolbar panel with blocks information for profiling purposes. See #2276.
  • “Cache invalidation” permission to have a more grained authorization. Fixes #2277.
  • Vast improvement in Merengue performance:
  • Menu.get_section improvement. See #2233.
  • Edit inline improvement. See #2234.
  • RSS plugin caching. See #2235.
  • Block cache is more efficient. See #2236.
  • getEventsMonthYear improvement. See #2238.
  • MenuBlock improvement. See #2241.
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed inplaceeditform error with text fields whose font size is not integer. See #2222.
  • Flowplayer error fixed in IE. See #2224.
  • Fixed error when CSS and JS compression is enabled. See #2223.
  • Fixed permission error in object when the passed object is None. See #2110.
  • Improved the inplace edit logic to check the “edit” permission. See #2230.
  • Some layout error. See #2217.
  • User is able to edit the blocks that are non cacheables. See #2237.
  • Fixed some migrations when executed in very old merengue sites. See #2244.
  • Now the render_single_block works with ContentBlock. See #2252.
  • Make sure the unit tests run with dummy cache. See #2254.
  • Registry cache should not set cache when empty elements found. See #2255.
  • Fixed “save and restore config” issues. See #2189 and #918.
  • Fixed the inline edit when it’s used with the intro button to save changes. See #2256.
  • Fixed permission test suite, related to a caching invalidation error. See #2253.
  • Avoid 301 redirect caching by some browser like Chrome or Firefox 3.5+. See #2220.
  • Error in AJAX request in the collection admin when the collection is inside a section. See #2260.
  • Error when installing some plugins after uninstalling them without server reloading. See #2262.
  • Removing some absolute references between CSS and the images. See #2264.
  • Now the contactform plugin works if this loaded with ajax, although this is not a default behaviour. See #2268.
  • Fixed a migration when GIS is disabled. See #2271.
  • Frozen django-mptt and django-ajax-selects packages because are now backward incompatibles. See #2278 and #2279

Version 0.8.0-rc2 (r5269)

  • Fixed migration in MySQL databases. See #2215.
  • New non addable blocks. See #2147.
  • Optimized Merengue registry. See #2142.
  • Optimized permissions system. See #1322.
  • Optimized SQL sentences. See #2144.
  • Changed plugin detection implementation to make it works in all environments (deployments). This approach removes using a external process. See #2158.
  • Removed the --develop option in startproject command. By default the merengue will be symlinked. See #2148.
  • Completed spanish translations. See #2.
  • Completed and reviewed the documentation. See #377.
  • Changed JW Player to flowplayer, which is completely free. See #2199.
  • New MERENGUE_MAX_FILE_SIZE and MERENGUE_MAX_IMAGE_SIZE parameters to restrict the size of uploaded files. See #2185.
  • Reduced size of test data. See #2141.
  • Added anchor button to the tinyMCE.
  • Improved and fixing the Yaco theme look&feel. See #1990.
  • Include spellchecking in the visual editor, that will be in English by default.
  • Selenium tests for permission system. See #2136.
  • Make customizable the reviewers who will receive the review task notifications. See #2193.
  • The tags are now comma separated. See #2155.
  • Sortable fields for search form. See #2175.
  • Used autocompletion widget to select the main content of a section. See #2115.
  • New max_num_items parameter to the MenuBlock which collapse any menú branch if the number of children became higher than the parameter. See #2161.
  • Make a revision of all the CSS. See #2135.
  • Make the workflow statuses translatables. See #2212.
  • Allowed categories in the slideshow. See #2213. See #1983.
  • A lot of bugfixes:
  • Fixed an error in contentmenu. See #2083.
  • Removed by default a not very useful action (can be activated later). See #2032.
  • Sanitize internal links filters. See #2190.
  • Fixed the order in the forum index. See #2191.
  • Fixed the change_status admin action, which fails when it is done by a non superuser. See #2192.
  • Make piwik plugin more robust when piwik doesn’t return nothing. See #1573.
  • Fixed error detecting saml plugin when no have python-saml2 installed. See #2201.
  • Restrict selectable multimedia contents to the owned ones. See #2150.
  • Feed items automatically created should be published. See #2157.
  • Fixed itags listing which fails in some circunstances. See #2162.
  • Fixed some errors in standingout plugin. See #2167.
  • Fixed addthis plugin language. See #2168.
  • Fixed CSRF problem in inplace edit form.
  • Fixed the syncdb --migrate command when a migration saves a plugin. See #2178.
  • Restrict by permissions the content you can link to a multimedia asset. See #2150.
  • Make djangosaml2 application required for installing saml2 plugin. See #2180.
  • Showed an admin link when menu view doesn’t point to anywhere. See #2164
  • Some IE CSS bugfixes.
  • Fixed a problem with the latest BeautifulSoap version. See #2209. Thanks to Paul Sabou.
  • Make MemoizeCache (used for permissions, roles and registry cache) consistent in multithread environments. See #2214.
  • The url of the banner should not be verifiable. See #2219

Version 0.8.0-rc1 (r5126)

  • Permissions cache for speed up Merengue. See #2085.
  • Optimized block rendering. See #2090.
  • Refactored the permission system to generalize the roles acquisition from a section. See #2094.
  • startplugin command to help developers to create plugins easily. See #2060.
  • A new register plugin for user registration. See #2000.
  • Enable inplace edit in the navigation block root elements. See #2055.
  • A new Reviewer role for improving the publishing process flexibility. See #2093.
  • Admin filters for installed or active plugins. See #2053.
  • Automatic plugins detection is disabled by default, because there is a “detect new plugins” view. See #2051.
  • Used the Django 1.3 message framework in the admin interface, to get latest features. See #2050.
  • Direct link in the block configuration view to the admin view for this block. See #2061.
  • Make more flexible the owners lookup for a content. See #2075.
  • Disable by default to the user the permission editing capabilities in the “permission” tab. See #2138.
  • Make the delete permission checking more flexible to be used in non BaseContent objects. See #2081.
  • Unit tests in the block mechanism. See #2089.
  • A new testmerengue command to test all the Merengue unit tests at once. See #2124.
  • Make more homogeneous the forms CSS. See #73.
  • Improved the selenium test runner to use frame buffer is needed. See #1999.
  • Allow deleting of broken registered items like broken plugins. See #2130.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs:
  • Reviewed permissions in related model admins. See #2042 and #2110.
  • Updating the open layers library to fix some FF3.0 errors. See #2084.
  • Custom permission in a content type are now visible in admin permissions view. See #2058.
  • Error adding non content blocks in the content scope. See #2077.
  • Make sure that contenttypes are sync after installing the plugin. This could cause weird issues. See #2052.
  • Fixed the detection of broken plugins in all circunstances. See #2054.
  • Workflows are loading without fixtures to avoid issues. See #2119.
  • Some translations. See #2045, #2097 and #2.
  • Others: #1772, #2063, #2064, #2066, #2067, #2042, #2074, #2076, #2077, #2080, #2082, #2086, #2088, #1744, #1989, #2092, #2096, #2098, #2100, #2101, #2102, #2103, #2104, #2105, #2106, #2109, #2112, #2114, #2045, #1923, #2117, #2118, #2120, #2121, #1982, #1972, #691, #2127, #2128, #2126, #2123, #2131, #2133.

Version 0.8.0-b2 (r4957)

  • Fixed a critical bug in 0.8.0-beta1 for newly created projects. See #2048.
  • Fixed the workflow unit tests. See #1832.
  • Improved Yaco theme layout. See #1990.
  • Fixed some Selenium tests which was broken. See #1938.
  • Hot link action for every content (disabled by default). See #2032.
  • Fix a bug when adding blocks in a specific scope. See #2011.
  • Other errors: #2037, #2038, #2039, #2036, #2040, #2041, #2043, #2046, #2039, #2047.

Version 0.8.0-b1 (r4880)

  • Django 1.3 compatibility. See #1568.
  • Workflow system with management interface. See #990, #987, #988, #989.
  • Added participants to contents and sections, in oposition of owners. See #1860.
  • Documentation:
    • Improved English readability of documentation. See #377.
    • A new optimization section. See #1796.
  • Activate a entire site cache with CACHE_SITE_FOR_ANONYMOUS setting. Also a invalidate cache panel. See #167.
  • Block caching with management interface and cache invalidation in public view. See #1332, #1993, #1866 and #2007.
  • More unit testing. See #1633,
  • Improvements to autoreports UI. See #1850, #1816.
  • Better and nicer notifications. See #1841.
  • The portal links categories can be configurable in the settings file. See #1858.
  • Better l10n support in datetime format for spanish. See #1875.
  • Developer can define the slug uniqueness in every inherited model. See #1873.
  • Access by role for the portal links. See #1883.
  • Add filtering to the block admin changelist. See #1806.
  • Adding and removing blocks in the user interface. See #1913, #1923 and #2011.
  • Mark the block container when adding blocks. See #1965.
  • Changed the “content management” tab in admin interface. See #1750.
  • Remove the Johnny-Cache fork because Django 1.3 support customs cache key prefixes. See #1758 and #1757.
  • Included a new size parameter in the multimedia_slide_link templatetags. See #1756.
  • Implemented a changelog view in admin interface. See #1778.
  • Included italian translations. See #1803.
  • All the managed contents types are orderable. See #1812.
  • Multiples levels of portal links. See #1858.
  • Support for fixed blocks (declared fixed by its developer). See #1056.
  • Improve the linking to content from a menu item. See #1928.
  • Add status to menus items. See #888.
  • Allow to change the section of a content. See #1839.
  • Implemented a “browse by type” admin view. See #1752.
  • Allow to change active tabs in admin depending on user. See #1988.
  • Inplace edit for image fields. See #1973.
  • Update the Django Debug Toolbar. See #2001.
  • New CSS class param for the blocks to gain look&feel flexibility. See #1977.
  • Implemented access control by roles in menus and portal links. See #1846 and #1883.
  • nondraggable and noncontained options for render_*_blocks templatetags. See #1895 and #1957.
  • Work in permissions system to make more flexible the authorization control. See #2010, #2016, #2017, .
  • Improvements in plugins:
  • New customportlet plugin to add customized chunks of HTML as you want. See #1761.
  • New piwik plugin, to collect statistics of accessing contents and sections using Piwik. See #1573.
  • New twitter plugin. See #1907.
  • New maps plugin, with a MapBlock block. See #1933 and #1941.
  • New googleanalytics plugin. See #1958.
  • Google search:
    • Adapt the UI to the browser language. See #1871.
  • Standing out plugin:
    • Create a new slide show block. See #1736.
    • Completed the schema of standing out object. See #1736.
  • itags plugin: grouping list by content type. See #1879.
  • contactform plugin: allow to autofill dinamically by GET parameters. See #1950.
  • banner plugin: a new single banner block to add a banner wherever. See #1979.
  • A lot of bugfixes. See #1728, #1775, #1870, #1872, #1877, #1885, #1891, #1729, #1748, #1755, #1760, #1763, #1784, #1788, #1791, #1610, #1792, #1795, #1805, #1808, #1809, #1787, #1822, #1407, #1829, #1215, #1838, #1845, #1834, #1849, #1981, #1956, #1985, #1992, #1991, #1947, #1901, #1862, #1864, #1872, #1875, #1877, #1873, #1885, #1890, #1891, #1899, #1720, #1939, #1942, #1943, #1945, #1940, #1953, #1948, #1959, #1954, #1963, #1966, #1968, #1974, #1975, #1980, #1960, #2002, #2013, #2019, #2009, #2023, #2025, #2021, #2026, #2027.

Version 0.7.1

  • New italian translations. See #1803 and #1814.
  • An email is sent to reviewers when a content came into pending status. See #1694.
  • Add changelog view in admin to review all admin actions. See #1778.
  • Implement single logout in saml2 plugin. See #1442.
  • Reviewed the english grammar of some Merengue documents. See #377.
  • Unit tests for get_real_instance logic. See #1633.
  • More Selenium tests. See #1747.
  • Removed french translations because Merengue miss translations. See #1825.
  • And a lot of bugfixes:
  • The models cache was not corretly re-populated when loading plugins. See #1712.
  • Feed collection now read well the feed when created. See #1732.
  • Fix an error that do not allow to edit an existing standingout object if the selected content not changes. See #1736.
  • Error in prepopulated fields when are mixed with read only fields. See #1764.
  • Fixed microsites errors when user try to add two microsites with the same slug. See #1774. See #1790.
  • Fix bug about saving plugins registered on REQUIRED_PLUGINS. See #1786.
  • Check that end date is greater than start date in event plugin. See #1723.
  • Fixed some problems with django-inlinetrans and transhette. See #1800, #1799, #1801.
  • Some look and feel issues, like #1743, #1744 and #1821.
  • Plugin forums shows duplicated entries if the entries are anidated. See #1727.
  • Fix readonly widget in many2many fields. See #1776.
  • Other fixes: See #1789, #1811, #1823, #1731, #1797, #1783.

Version 0.7.0-final

  • Fixed an error in Mysql south migrations. See #1583.
  • Collections filters for date comparing. See #1621.
  • Bugfixes for collection grouping and ordering. See #1608, #1670, #1677.
  • Viewlets rendering bugfixes. See #1600.
  • Other bugfixes in collections: #1626.
  • IE7 layout bugfixes. See #1516.
  • Thread creation action for public view. See #1628.
  • Config params store validation fails to show in form with errors. See #1630.
  • Improving get_real_instance() logic to work in all cases. See #1632.
  • Users can manage its contents. All permissions are adapted to allow it. See #1634, #1658, #1688.
  • filebrowser plugin bugfixes. See #1629, #1661.
  • Improve permission checking throughout site. See #1644.
  • Some breadcrumbs fixes. See #1646, #1662, #1686.
  • Inline edit uses Merengue edit permission to decide if show the widget. See #1665.
  • View to show past events. See #1664.
  • New striptags filter in collection. See #1667.
  • Allow defining the default status for all contents in settings. See #1674.
  • Inline translation only appears to managers. See #1675.
  • Creator became the owner of contents he created automatically. See #1654.
  • Allow to set the same review task to more than one user. See #1679.
  • When a content gets in pending status, a new review task is created. See #1679.
  • Allow configure the page size in collections, make it a setting for that. See #1682.
  • feedback plugin get the user full name when adding comments. See #1683.
  • Model translation bugfixed when finding translatable fields if the superclass model is abstract. See #1685.
  • Fixed bugs in translation tools (django-inlinetrans and transhette), which was failing in some cases. See #1693,
  • Content location can be deleted now. See #1692.
  • Allow tags with white spaces inside. See #1228.
  • A new notify_pending_reviews command to notify users for pending tasks. See #1694.
  • Thumbnails in main image for contents are correctly updated when adding/hanging/deleting the content photos. See #1700.
  • Fixes some errors in SAML plugin. See #1442.
  • The models cache is not corretly re-populated when loading plugins. See #1712.
  • Better styling in public forms. See #1716.
  • Calendar block do not show events when loading the page. See #1719.
  • Other bugfixes: See #1701, #1706, #1561, #1711.

Version 0.7.0-rc1 (3988 revision)

  • Permissions are now a related admin, placed into a different tab in admin UI. See #1570.
  • Links can be open in new windows. See #1582.
  • Unified login UI in all themes. See #1382.
  • Removed multimedia slide when only one multimedia asset is shown. See #1460.
  • A new reinstall_plugins command to reinstall enabled plugins. See #1594.
  • Local roles and permissions can be deleted. See #1605.
  • A lot of bugs fixed:
  • Fixed broken comments in document sections for anonymous users. See #1614.
  • Fixes menu reordering. See #1581.
  • Errors in block reordering with drag-and-drop. See #1580, #1581.
  • Fixes some admin UI look and feel errors: See #1563, #1584, #1588, #1585.
  • Fixed Tag cloud block title look and feel in Merengue theme. See #1497.
  • Fixed block overwriting when same block is placed twice. See #1575.
  • Fixed error in ezdashboard plugin. See #1586.
  • Limit only one contact form for every content. See #1196.
  • Fixed oot error. See #1579.
  • Fixed south migration when tables already exist. See #1592.
  • Fixed migrate_plugins command in some circunstances. See #1595.
  • Fixed two viewlet errors. See #1600 and #1616.
  • Calendar block rendered using project locale. See #1609.
  • Fixed 404 error in contactform plugin. See #1536.

Version 0.7.0-beta4 (3913 revision)

  • Permissions are now definible into sections. See #1564.
  • Some bugs fixed:
  • When I create a banner I can’t see the image on site. See #1547.
  • Documented announcements section.
  • Layout errors in translation UI with IE. See #583.
  • Changed admin app index style. See #1569.
  • Bad django-inlinetrans dependence in requirements.txt.

Version 0.7.0-beta3 (3880 revision)

  • Inline translation allow to create/update po files when the msgid is not found in any catalog. See #1401.
  • Some bugs fixed:
  • The block tools (for dragging and configuring) are well placed on CSS absolute positioned blocks. See #1562.
  • Adapted ezdashboard and filebrowser plugin to new registering API.
  • Fix bug rendering document sections. See #1565.

Version 0.7.0-beta2 (3861 revision)

  • Fixed a lot of bug. These are the most important:
  • If a plugin is broken when registering all plugins, the process stopped. Now it continues with next plugin. See #1539.
  • Cleared Django apps cache after unregister plugin, to avoid weird errors in some circunstances. See #1526.
  • Plugins disabling was broken (only worked uninstalling). Now you can disable plugins. See #1486.
  • Blocks with content types filtering configuration was not showing any data. See #1530.
  • Add permission definition in related and non related object tools.
  • You can define successfully blocks related both in sections and in contents. See #1509 and #1491.
  • Removed 2mbytes of unused media in chunks plugin. See #1472.
  • Block config button is not shown if block has no available configuration. See #1528.
  • Others: #1532, #1519, #1508, #1523, #1525, #1543, #1544, #1487, #1460, #1410, #1497, #1527, #1498, #1476, #1549, #1546, #728, #608, #1478, #1378, #1551, #1552.
  • Adapted Selenium test to new Merengue admin redesign. See #1524.
  • Enable captcha in feedback plugin for non authenticated users. See #1534.
  • Adapted demo fixtures to section as base content refactoring. See #1531.
  • Finish Saml2 plugin to support federated authentication/authorization. See #1442.
  • Users can now add feed collections to sections. See #1538.
  • Improved plugin tab to get more intuitive for users. See #1540.
  • Improve script, to run all selenium tests automatically. Also improve the documentation. See #1458.
  • Make direct accesses to regiteres blocks and actions in installed plugins, from plugin admin. See #1542.
  • Complete documentation in Merengue error reference, Merengue deployment, JS/CSS compression.
  • Finished django-announcements integration.

Version 0.7.0-beta1 (3786 revision)

  • Manager can set a numbers of objects limit in collections. See #1510.
  • Implement related object tools for related model admins. See #1502.
  • Redesign of Merengue admin to improve usability. See #1503 and #1517.
  • Integrated django-announcements. Not finished yet. See #1302.
  • Saml2 pulgin to get federated AuthN/AuthR via SAML SP. Not finished yet. See #1442.
  • Toolbar panel which shows Merengue version for debugging purposes. See #1473.
  • Section request middleware (which define request.section) is now pluggable, and can be easily redefined, for example by microsite plugin. See #1484.
  • Support registering by instances, to be able to have multiple registered items of a registrable class. Used for blocks related to contents. See #1445.
  • New filter by type in “browse content” admin view. See #1483.
  • Merengue sections (BaseSection model) are now base contents (inherited to BaseContent), with permissions, related blocks, and all features implemented in Merengue. See #1318.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs caused by last features added. See #1433, #1355, #1330, #1192, #1465, #1469, #1396, #1481, #1493, #1504, #1494, #1499.

Version 0.7.0-alpha (3630 revision)

  • Support registering by instances (not classes) in Merengue registry, with singleton feature. See #1445.
  • Itags view, to show all tags in website. See #1404.
  • Pluggable toolbar with panels registrable in plugins. See #1391.
  • Inline edit support for contents, with a rewritten django-inplaceedit.
  • New selenium tests for the new features in 0.7 series.
  • Integrate JS and CSS assets in a place holder, avoiding duplicates and compressing code. See #1418.
  • CSS and JS compression when its configured for a production site. See #1415.
  • Improved yaco theme. See #1388.
  • Block configuration in public view. See #1365.
  • South support in plugins. See #1381.
  • Inline translation in all Merengue templates, using django-inlinetrans. See #1349.
  • Implemented a print style sheet and a print action. See #966.
  • Internationalized URLs. See #1112.
  • Optimized Merengue SQL sentences. See #1320.
  • Implemented unit tests for registry application. See #1314.
  • Cleaned up and refactored the Merengue menu implementation. See #1313.
  • Contact information is rendered in contents which have filled it. See #1309.
  • Implemented a review system, used in redirect plugin. See #1074.
  • You can attach blocks to individual contents, with a custom configuration for them. See #1261.
  • Manager can set the rendering a block only for one or more contents, with custom block configuration for each content. See #1247.
  • Plain text generation support for all contents, for indexing, tagging, etc. See #1088.
  • Refactored MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES to improve customization in projects. See #1253.
  • New features for microsite plugin:
    • MIDDLEWARE to allow URLs like /foo-microsite/foo/url that will be like /microsites/foo-microsite/foo/url/
    • All blocks in built-in plugins are valid inside microsites, showing only microsite contents.
  • Implemented contentmenu plugin, to allow content grouping in a Menu, but without having contents in same section.
  • Huge plugins, viewlets, blocks and breadcrumbs refactoring to improve redefinition in plugins. See #1256, #1258 and #1269
  • All built-in plugins uses collection when needed, to improve customization in listings by managers. See #1267.
  • HTML editor (TinyMCE) is now resizable. See #1270.
  • Removed hook_post_register hook and implemented post_install hook, invoked only when plugin are installed. See #1277.
  • Make rss plugin more customizable. See #1273.
  • Implemented tmtemplates plugin, to create HTML templates which can be inserted in every HTML field.
  • Collection can filtered by adding a extra _filters_collection context in view.

Version 0.6.0-final

  • Changed Django dependence to 1.1.3 version, because a security issue, fixed on that version.
  • Fixed some Postgresql database locks while creating the models when some plugins are installed.
  • A little speed up for Postgresql backend, using autocommit option by default.
  • Other minor bugfixes:
  • Error when accessing document without sections (after delete it).
  • Error when creating a searcher in a collection and you search for something on public view.
  • Manager cannot assign permissions to thread objects inside a forum.
  • Ensure NOT_PROVIDED value (got by the not defined config params) evaluates to False to avoid some errors.
  • Fixed web layout in the restart server confirmation page in transhette.
  • Added name field to contact information.

Version 0.6.0-rc1

  • Several bugfixes:
  • Fixed new error in params validation.
  • Unit tests execution fixed when memcached is used as caching backend.
  • Javascript error when moving blocks.
  • Deferred PIL import in captcha to the moment of create first captcha thumbnail, to avoid syncdb errors.
  • Improved validation in integerparams.
  • Fixed installing of django-inlinetrans with PIP.
  • Now all users with “manage_portal” permission can move blocks.
  • Allow deleting sent forms in contactform plugin.
  • Fixes searching in admin browse contents view.
  • Speed up Merengue permission checking.
  • Delete view in Merengue admin not take care about Merengue permissions in objects which are deleted in cascade.
  • Refactored and fixed all selenium tests.

Version 0.6.0-beta1 (2921 revision)

  • A lot of bugfixes:
  • Section custom CSS validation error fixed.
  • More robust tagcloud and tag validation for itag plugin.
  • Several bugfixes to transhette.
  • Removed several “permissions” button in admin which don’t worked.
  • Registry params validation support (for plugins, actions, etc.).
  • Included recaptcha keys to get captcha plugin works out-of-the-box.
  • Support both for PIL 1.1.6 and 1.1.7 (have incompatible import sentences).
  • Better date support in collections.
  • Fixed some errors with truncatechars filter in collections.
  • Errors in autoreports link in plugins admin.
  • Fixes stdimage validation for non required fields.
  • Fixed wrong user message when editing contents.
  • Fixed 404 error when adding link into sections.
  • Fixed error editing threads of a forum in forum plugin.
  • Better validation in some parts of subscription plugin.
  • Improved permission handling for plugin managers.
  • Fixed some web layout errors.
  • More robust handling of “empty” filters and other validation issues in collections.
  • Fixed errors in feed info in rss plugin.
  • Support of HTML emails in contactform plugin.
  • Non overwritable fixtures support.
  • Completed spanish translations.
  • Added sent date column in forms sents admin in contactform plugin.
  • Read only fields works with foreign key fields.
  • Complete documentation of:
  • Merengue fixtures.
  • Block hiding/showing by URL regex.
  • Install instructions and python dependences.

Version 0.6.0-alpha3 (2844 revision)

  • Split dependences to an external requirements.txt file.

Version 0.6.0-alpha2 (2842 revision)

  • Removed external SVN dependences. Now Merengue has all these dependences as python eggs.
  • Implemented a render_all_blocks templatetags, which is a shortcut to write less templating code.
  • Replaced plugins which render lists with customizable collections.
  • Make Merengue documentation compatible with Sphinx 1.0.
  • Several bug fixes related to:
  • Permissions system.
  • Administration broken links.
  • banners, oldbrowser and event plugin.
  • transhette application.
  • etc.
  • Improved usability in Merengue admin:
  • A content tree, for browsing all contents.
  • Improved visual block reordering.
  • Themes can have a screenshot, for previewing before activating.
  • Plugins can define new middlewares.
  • A new “Owner” role, to may customize permissions for content owners. This role is assigned for a user when the context is a content owned by him.
  • Manager can disable global permissions adquisition for a content, for example to disable “View” permission in private contents.
  • Blocks showable or hiddeable by URLs in Merengue admin, using regular expressions.
  • Begin integration with django-notification.
  • Contents can be defined as permanents (no deletable, no changeable or some fields not changeables), when your logic relies on these contents.
  • Plugin introspection before installing it. In Merengue admin you will see what blocks will be created by a plugin, or what new content types, etc.
  • When customizing a section CSS, you can upload new images to may customize the backgrounds.
  • New plugins:
  • contactform: to create forms, customizing fields, emails, behaviour, etc.
  • smartsearch: to include and manage search form, for example inside collections.
  • rss: to make feeds in your site, which are configurable.
  • redirect: to configure HTTP redirections in your site.
  • itag: tagging with i18n support.
  • addthis: integration.
  • imagesize: notifications when size of uploaded images pass the configurables thresholds.

Version 0.6.0-alpha1 (2541 revision)

  • Huge speed up on related admin registration.
  • Allow to extends Merengue TinyMCE editor settings in apps and plugins.
  • Content collections, which are lists of managed contents with configurable filters, search form and listing options.
  • Theme support in Merengue admin site.
  • Post register hook to plugins, to allow developers to execute tasks after installing plugin.
  • Included language catalogs in all apps and plugins. Also included compiled .mo files.
  • New plugins:
  • oot: ODT conversion of managed contents.
  • banner: banner management plugin.
  • oldbrowser: a plugin that makes easy to notify to users that their browser is too old.
  • Several improvements in forum plugin:
  • Grouping forums into categories.
  • Show last comment in forum list and forum view.
  • Do not allow anonymous users.
  • Allow to close a thread so no new comments could be added.
  • Allow to move a thread from one forum to another one.
  • Allow different users to moderate different forums.
  • Implemented a subscribers listing in subscription plugin.

Version 0.5.1

Note: Changes from 0.5.1-rc1 version

  • Better south integration with translation system, that allows to migrate all translated models with all possible languages setting.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs like:
  • Avoid URL patterns grown every 404 request when have debug toolbar installed.
  • Fix audio player.
  • Error in URL parsing when accessing document inside sections.
  • Error with negative numbers in integer registry params.
  • Blocks placed in “home” and “beforecontent” position dissappears in home page.
  • Make facebook share link (from facebook plugin) works behind virtual hosts.
  • Highlight plugin does not show related content images.

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