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Merge dictionaries

Project description

Merge dictionaries

Root problem

You uses everal IDEs and each maintain its own spelling dictionary.

You want to merge them so words from PyCharm are available in PhpStorm too.


Merge all dictionaries

To discover dictionaries in your computer, extract words and merge them:

$ merge-dictionaries --merge

This is a potentially destructive operation: your dictionary files will be overwritten.

Extract dictionaries words

To print all the words:

$ merge-dictionaries --extract

This is a safe operation.

Build an Hunspell-compatible dictionary

To create a personal dictionary file for your Hunspell dictionary:

$ merge-dictionaries --extract > $HOME/.hunspell_default

This is a safe read-only operation for your IDE files. This can overwrite your default Hunspell dictionary if it already exists.

Build a dictionary in a IDE specific format

You can specify --format=<format> as argument to the extract task:

$ merge-dictionaries --extract --format=JetBrains

It will output a dictionary file you can use in any IDE compatible with that format.

This is a safe read-only operation.

Sync with a Git repository

Create a $HOME/.config/merge-dictionaries.conf with the following content:


See below if you wish to host the Git repository locally.

IDE support

Currently, the following IDEs are supported

  • All JetBrains IDEs: application-level dictionary
  • Hunspell: read personal dictionaries
  • Git repository

Extend the code

How to add an IDE?

To add an IDE, you need to provide the following methods:

  • sources
    • a list of paths candidates for the IDE dictionary
    • a method extracting words from the dictionary
  • output
    • a method to dump the extracted words in the IDE format
  • write
    • a method to save the files, normally you can call the ones created

How can I contribute?

You can commit your changes to the upstream by following instructions at

The canonical repository is


Delete a word

Not yet implemented. Here a proposal to implement this.

Curently, the workflow is:

[ extract ] -> { words } -> [ publish ]

You want to add a new transformation step:

[ extract ] -> { words } -> [ transform ] -> { words cleaned up } -> [ publish ]

Add a transform step with an allowlist of the words to remove.

It's not easy to detect if the user has removed a word explicitly from a dictionary, as we don't cache extracted words.

Host locally the Git repository

If you want to host the repository on your local machine, use a bare repository:

$ git init --bare ~/.cache/dictionary
Initialized empty Git repository in /usr/home/luser/.cache/dictionary/

You can push to a bare repository, but non-bare ones are protected against pushes, to avoid a desync between your index and the working files.

Alternatively, you can prepare a script to do this sequence of operation:

$ merge-dictionaries --merge
$ cd  ~/.cache/dictionary
$ git reset


BSD-2-Clause, see LICENSE file.

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