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Unofficial Messari API client.

Project description


Python 3.6 Python 3.7 Python 3.8 License


Unofficial Messari's Crypto Data API client in python

The library can be used for crypto prices, market data metrics, on-chain metrics, and qualitative information (asset profile). For more information, see Messari API Documentation


use pip to install:

pip install messari


Most endpoints are accessible without an API key.

Pass API key in object initialization if required.

Example usage:

from messari import Messari

# initialize api client
# API Key is optional
messari = Messari(key='xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx')

# Get the paginated list of all assets and their metrics and profiles.
resp = messari.get_all_assets()

# Use query parameters
query = {
    'with-profiles': True,
    'with-metrics': True,
    'fields': 'id,slug,symbol,metrics/market_data/price_usd'
resp = messari.get_all_assets(**query)

# set filter fields

# Get basic metadata for an asset.
resp = messari.get_asset(asset_key='btc', fields=fields)

# Get all of our qualitative information for an asset.
resp = messari.get_asset_profile(asset_key='btc', fields=fields)

# Get all of our quantitative metrics for an asset.
fields = 'id,slug,symbol,market_data/price_usd,market_data/volume_last_24_hours'
resp = messari.get_asset_metrics(asset_key='btc', fields=fields)

# Get the latest market data for an asset.
fields = 'id,slug,symbol,market_data/price_usd,market_data/volume_last_24_hours'
resp = messari.get_asset_market_data(asset_key='btc', fields=fields)

# Lists all of the available timeseries metric IDs for assets.
resp = messari.list_asset_timeseries_metric_ids()

# Retrieve historical timeseries data for an asset.
query_params = {
    'start': '2020-01-01',
    'end': '2020-02-01',
    'interval': '1d',
    'columns': 'open,close',
    'order': 'ascending',
    'format': 'json',
    'timestamp-format': 'rfc3339'
resp = messari.get_asset_timeseries(asset_key='bitcoin', metric_id='price', **query_params)

# Get the list of all exchanges and pairs that our WebSocket-based
# market real-time market data API supports.
fields = 'exchange_name,pair,last_trade_at'
resp = messari.get_all_markets(fields=fields)

# Retrieve historical timeseries data for a market.
query_params = {
    'start': '2020-01-01',
    'end': '2020-03-01',
    'interval': '1d',
    'columns': 'open,close',
    'order': 'ascending',
    'format': 'json',
    'timestamp-format': 'rfc3339'
resp = messari.get_market_timeseries(market_key='binance-btc-usdt', metric_id='price', **query_params)

# Get the latest (paginated) news and analysis for all assets.
resp = messari.get_all_news(fields=fields)

# Get the latest (paginated) news and analysis for all assets.
resp = messari.get_news_for_asset(asset_key='btc', fields=fields)

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