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Metadata.xml Generator for Ebuilds

Project description


metagen is a command line utility to ease generation of metadata.xml files for Gentoo packages. It is licensed under the GPL v2 license and hosted at Please use Gentoo's Bugzilla to report bugs about metagen.


# metagen -e '' -n 'Some Body' -t person -f -q
./metadata.xml written

# cat metadata.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM ''>
        <maintainer type="person">
                <name>Some Body</name>


# metagen --help
usage: metagen [-h] [--version] [--email EMAIL] [--name NAME] [--echangelog]
               [--desc DESC] [--type TYPE] [--long LONG] [--output OUTPUT]
               [--force] [--verbose] [--quiet] [-Q]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit

maintainer arguments:
  --email EMAIL, -e EMAIL
                        Maintainer's email address
  --name NAME, -n NAME  Maintainer's name
  --echangelog, -m      Use name and email address from ECHANGELOG_USER
                        environmental variable. This is a shortcut for -e
                        <email> -n <name>
  --desc DESC, -d DESC  Description of maintainership
  --type TYPE, -t TYPE  Maintainer type as of GLEP 67; valid values are:
                        "person", "project", "unknown"

package arguments:
  --long LONG, -l LONG  Long description of package.

operation arguments:
  --output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
                        Specify location of output file.
  --force, -f           Force overwrite of existing metadata.
  --verbose, -v         Verbose. Output of file to stdout. (default)
  --quiet, -q           Squelch output of file to stdout.
  -Q                    Do not write file to disk.

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