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A Python module to obtain and read Dutch weather data from

Project description


A Python module to obtain and read Dutch weather data from The code is being developped by Marc van der Sluys of the department of Sustainable energy of the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


This package can be installed using pip install meteoserver. This should automatically install the dependency packages pandas and requests, if they haven't been installed already. If you are installing by hand, ensure that these packages are installed as well.

You will need to obtain a (free) account and API key at to download data from the Meteoserver API.

Example use

"""Example Python script using the Meteoserver module."""

import meteoserver as ms

myKey = 'a123456789'    # My Meteoserver API key - put your OWN key here!
myLocation = 'De Bilt'  # My location

# Read a Meteoserver JSON file from disc:
# current, forecast = ms.read_json_file_zon('ZonActueel.json')

# Get Meteoserver Sun data from the server for the given location (and key):
current, forecast = ms.read_json_url_zon(myKey, myLocation)

# Print the current-weather and forecast dataframes:
print("\nCurrent Sun/weather observation from a nearby station:")
print("\nSun/weather forecast for the selected location/region:")

# Print the forecasts in a nice format:
print("\nSelected Sun/weather forecast variables in full:")
print("%10s  %16s  %4s  %3s   %3s  %3s  %3s  %3s" % ('UNIX time', 'Date/time CET', 'Rad', 'Sun', 'Cld', 'LCl', 'MCl', 'HCl'))
for row in forecast.iterrows():  # Makes (index, Series) pairs out of row
    # idx = row[0]  # Index
    ser = row[1]  # Data series

    # if(float(ser.elev) > 0 and int(
    print("%10i  %16s  %4i  %3i   %3i  %3i  %3i  %3i" %(int(ser.time), ser.cet, int(, int(, int(, int(, int(, int(ser.hc)))

Meteoserver pages

  • Pypi: Meteoserver Python package
  • GitHub: Meteoserver source code

Author and licence


  • Data, API key and API documentation can be obtained from

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