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A tool for generating DNA MTase motif testing sequences

Project description


DNA methyltransferase binding motif plasmid assembler

Overall purpose:

  • To identify the motifs of multiple DNA methyltransferases (DNA MTase) simultaneously.

Quick start

  • This script requires python 3.6 or newer.
  • Install using "pip install metmap"
  • This will put a script named "" in your pythons bin folder.
    • Linux: You should just be able to type "" from terminal
    • Windows: The script will be placed in your python folders "Scripts" subfolder and you can run it with "python path\to\python\Scripts\" from command line
    • Mac: Who knows..probably works like linux?


You can download the tests/test_data.txt and run test_data.txt
This should generate a cas1.fa and file.


  • You have an organism with multiple identified DNA MTases and you wish to know their individual motifs.
  • You use NGS to obtain motifs of all methylated DNA sites.
    • Some of those motifs will contain ambiguous bases and some will not
  • You submit those motifs to this program
  • This program then stitches these motifs together in random order
  • Motifs may contain ambiguous bases per the IUPAC nucleotide code
    • We can't synthesize lots of ambiguous bases, so we "de-ambigulate" them before putting them into the final construct.
    • De-ambigulation happens according to 1 of 2 rules:
      • Rule 1:
        • Pick L random variants of the motif. E.g. Motif ATGNNTTA have a total of 16 possible actual sequences. If L<16 then the program will random pick L variants (without duplicates). If L>16 then each possible variant will be picked at least L/16 times and some will be picked 1 more than that.
      • Rule 2:
        • Make K copies of each completely "de-ambigulated" variant: E.g. the sequence "SATC" will then be treated as 2 sequences: "GATC" and "CTAC" that will each appear in K copies.
  • We put M N's between each motif
  • And the program will output P versions of these cassettes
  • You then clone this cassette into a plasmid with 1 DNA MTase in each plasmid.
  • You then transform this library into an organism that doesnt natively methylate DNA.
  • Grow, Harvest, Sequence plasmids.
  • ?
  • Profit!

Motif file format

  • The motifs should be stored in a standard text file
  • One motif per line, then a comma then a 1 or a 2 to indicate whether either rule 1 or 2 should be used for this motif Example:

IUPAC nucleotide code:

code nucs
R A or G
Y C or T
S G or C
W A or T
K G or T
M A or C
B C or G or T
D A or G or T
H A or C or T
V A or C or G
N any base

Project details

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