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tools for dealing with measured quantities: uncertainty propagation and unit conversion

Project description


tools for dealing with physical quantities: uncertainty propagation and unit conversion

MetroloPy is a pure python package and requires Python 3.5 or later and the SciPy stack (NumPy, SciPy and Pandas). It looks best in a Jupyter Notebook.

Install MetroloPy with pip install metrolopy or conda install -c conda-forge metrolopy.

Physical quantities can then be represented in Python as gummy objects with an uncertainty and (or) a unit:

>>> import metrolopy as uc
>>> a = uc.gummy(1.2345,u=0.0234,unit='cm')
>>> a
1.234(23) cm

>>> b = uc.gummy(3.034,u=0.174,unit='mm')
>>> f = uc.gummy(uc.UniformDist(center=0.9345,half_width=0.096),unit='N')
>>> p = f/(a*b)
>>> p
2.50(21) N/cm2

>>> p.unit = 'kPa'
>>> p.uunit = '%'
>>> p
25.0 kPa ± 8.5%

MetroloPy can do much more including Monte-Carlo uncertainty propagation, generating uncertainty budget tables, and curve fitting. It can also handle expanded uncertainties, degrees of freedom, correlated quantities, and complex valued quantities. See:

new in version 0.6.0

  • A constant library has been added with physical constants that can be accessed by name or alias with the constant function. The search_constants function with no argument gives a listing of all built-in constants. Each constant definition includes any correlations with other constants.

  • The Quantity class has been added to represent a general numerical value multiplied by a unit and the unit function has been added to retrieve Unit instances from the unit library by name or alias. Unit instances can now be multiplied and divided by other Unit instances to produce composite units, can be multiplied and divided by numbers to produce Quantity instances or multiply or divide Quantity instances. The gummy class is now a subclass of Quantity with a nummy value rather than a subclass of nummy. A QuantityArray class has been introduced to represent an array of values all with the same unit. Multiplying a Unit instance by a list, tuple, or numpy array produces a QuantityArray instance.

  • The immy class has been introduced as an ummy valued counterpart of the jummy class for representing complex values with uncertainties. immy and jummy values can now be displayed in a polar representation in addition to a cartesian representation. immy and jummy .r and .phi properties have been added to access the magnitude and argument of the values as a complement to the .real and .imag properties.

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