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Fetch collections of git projects

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Fetch collections of git projects

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With mgit, you can pull/fetch several projects at once, and also auto-cleanup dangling branches (from past pull requests).

A colored output is provided if possible, mgit should come in handy in general for:

  • quickly getting an overview of what’s up with N git projects

  • fetch/pull N git objects at once

  • clone missing projects (useful if you tend to clone projects from same remote in one common folder)

Example usage

mgit can show you what’s the status of all your git projects in a folder, for example my repos:

~/dev/github: mgit
~/dev/github: 4 github/zsimic
     mgit: [master] up to date
  pickley: [master] 1 diff, up to date*  last fetch 1w 4d ago
    runez: [master] up to date*  last fetch 1w 4d ago
setupmeta: [master] up to date*  last fetch 3d 23h ago

Here we can see that:

  • There are 4 git repos in folder ~/dev/github

  • All 4 come from github/zsimic

  • 3 of them haven’t been fetched in a while

We can fetch them all at once with --fetch (or -f):

~/dev/github: mgit --fetch
~/dev/github: 4 github/zsimic
     mgit: [master] up to date
  pickley: [master] 1 diff, up to date
    runez: [master] behind 2
setupmeta: [master] up to date

Now all projects have been refreshed, and we can see there’s nothing new in 2 of them, but one is 2 commits behind (ie: 2 commits are on the remote, not pulled yet). The output also shows that one of the projects has uncommitted files.

Modified files are shown (by default) if only one project is in scope, for example:

~/dev/github: mgit pickley
pickley: [master] 1 diff, up to date
   M tox.ini

Above, we can see that the modified file in question is tox.ini in that project. We can get the same effect using the --verbose (or -v) flag, like for example with 2 projects with modified files:

~/dev/github: mgit -v
~/dev/github: 4 github/zsimic
mgit: [master] 1 diff, up to date
   M README.rst
pickley: [master] 1 diff, up to date
   M tox.ini
runez: [master] up to date
setupmeta: [master] up to date


~/dev/github: mgit --help
Usage: mgit [OPTIONS] [TARGET]

  Fetch collections of git projects

  --version                       Show the version and exit.
  --debug                         Show debugging information.
  --color / --no-color            Use colors (on by default on ttys)
  --log PATH                      Override log file location.
  --clean [show|local|remote|all|reset]
                                  Auto-clean branches
  -f, --fetch                     Fetch from all remotes
  -p, --pull                      Pull from tracking remote
  -s, --short / -v, --verbose     Short/verbose output
  -cs                             Handy shortcut for '--clean show'
  -cl                             Handy shortcut for '--clean local'
  -cr                             Handy shortcut for '--clean remote'
  -ca                             Handy shortcut for '--clean all'
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.


Easiest way to get mgit is via pickley or pipx:

pickley install mgit


pipx install mgit

You can also compile from source:

git clone
cd mgit
tox -e venv

.venv/bin/mgit --help

source .venv/bin/activate
mgit --help

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