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Includes a collection of utility functions.

Project description

A collection of utility packages.


This package contains constants for ANSI-terminal escape sequences for colour and font formatting. There are also functions for generating 24-bit colour codes.

Please note that this package only defines the codes, it does not guarantee support for their correct interpretation in the terminal.


Contains functions for printing error tracebacks to an ANSI terminal using colour highlighting, as well as a function to replace the default Python handler with a colour version.


Using a string containing ANSI colour codes is problematic in that __len__, etc. return the length of the full text, including the codes.

This class provides functions for dealing with such strings, as well as a class AnsiStr, that behaves like str, but accounts for colour codes.


This package includes a variety of utility functions for dealing with arrays (lists, tuples, iterables, etc.)


Contains a class and function for dealing with workloads split into batches.


Contains constants and a class for dealing with 24 bit colours.


Allows one to find connected components given a graph-like data-set without having to actually construct a graph.


Contains a class for generating proxies for settings objects, committing changes to disk when their attributes are modified.


Contains a terminal based object inspector view, which is similar to Python’s inbuilt help, but prettier.

When passed a raw function, this display hook includes the documentation, arguments, and PEP-484 annotations.

When passed a type, the documentation and available methods are included.

When passed a list, tuple, or dict, the contents are of the iterable are included, one per line.

When passed any object, the fields of the object are listed, if available, alongside the object repr.


Contains a multithreaded dispatch queue class, for dispatching function calls into worker threads.

This can be easily converted into a multiprocessed queue, by having the threads make a system call.


Contains the ManagedWith class, which allows a function to generate an object compatible with with ….

This may be more convenient than generating a separate class implementing __enter__ and __exit__ for simple functions.


Manages and creates a documentation dict from docstrings.

This handles extracting :param: tags, etc.


Helper class that contains definitions for all emoji.

Names should be identical to those defined in Unicode, with the exceptions:
  • All names are in upper case

  • Names beginning 1st, 2nd, 3rd are replaced with FIRST, SECOND, THIRD

  • Special symbols &, # and * are replaced with AND, HASH and ASTERISK


Contains the multiple dispatch Event class, which is designed to behave the same as the one in C#.


Contains various assertion functions, generic exception classes and functions to generate error messages which actually try to be helpful.

Notable examples include SwitchError, NotSupportedError and safe_cast.

This package also includes functions for more easily parsing exception tracebacks.


Various functions for parsing and generating filenames and enumerating directories.


Convenience functions for reading and writing files of different types: text, pickle, json, etc.


Provides an interprocess mutex.

Uses the posix_ipc.Semaphore.


Provides classes with lambda based dunders.


Logging helpers.


  • A logging handler that formats for the terminal, including thread and process information.

  • A logger which highlights variadic values, contains helpers for dealing with progress bars, iteration, enumeration and timing.

  • A function to iterate information on existing loggers.


Contains a few simple math functions.


Fixes issues with the keyring library on Ubuntu - see the get_keyring function.

Contains a ManagedPassword class, which wraps the keyring module.


Contains functions for generating the information required for progress-bar type reports, notably the estimated time to completion.


Various property related helpers:

  • Indexable properties

  • Frozen classes

  • Class properties


Contains the class SimpleProxy and its dependencies.


Wraps Qt resource paths into an object which extracts that resource, caching it if necessary.


Various helpers for reflection.


Dynamically generates both __getstate__ and __setstate__ based on a single definition of the serialisable (or non-serialisable) attributes.


Defines a Sentinel class, as well as a typical NOT_PROVIDED sentinel value.


Functions for parsing strings into objects and generating strings from objects.

Also contains TStr functions that replicate several of Python’s str methods. Unlike str, TStr permits an duck-typed object behaving like a str, rather than enforcing a str specificly.


Wraps a subprocess, creating threads to monitor its output, allowing a process’s output to be recorded and displayed in real-time.


Functions for writing SVG images to disk.


Functions for generating UTF-formatted text (e.g. bold, italic, small-caps, etc.)


This is a package for drawing ASCII boxes and tables.

A variety of box drawing character sets are specified, and table drawing supports wrapping and text spanning multiple columns.

Unlike most other available tools, the direction of lines is honoured and UTF characters can be used.

To draw a table, please see the TextTable class documentation.

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