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A simple network configuration utility for MicroPython on the ESP-8266 and ESP-32 boards

Project description


A simple network configuration utility for MicroPython on boards such as ESP8266 and ESP32.


Simply upload your JSON file with your networks, the default path is '/networks.json', which is specified in the class property config_file.

A sample configuration may look like this:

	"schema": 2,
	"known_networks": [
			"ssid": "User\u2019s iPhone",
			"password": "Password1",
			"enables_webrepl": false
			"ssid": "HomeNetwork",
			"password": "Password2",
			"enables_webrepl": true
	"access_point": {
		"config": {
			"essid": "Micropython-Dev",
			"channel": 11,
			"hidden": false,
			"password": "P@55W0rd"
		"enables_webrepl": true,
		"start_policy": "fallback"

Configuration schema

  • schema: currently this should be 2
  • known_networks: list of networks to connect to, in order of most preferred first
    • SSID - the name of the access point
    • password - the clear test password to use
    • enables_webrepl - a boolean value to indicate if connection to this network desires webrepl being started
  • access_point: the details for the access point (AP) of this device
    • config - the keys for the AP config, exactly as per the micropython documentation
    • enables_weprepl - a boolean value to indicate if ceating this network desires webrepl being started
    • start_policy - A policy from the below list to indicate when to enable the AP
      • 'always' - regardless of the connection to any base station, AP will be started
      • 'fallback' - the AP will only be started if no network could be connected to
      • 'never' - The AP will not be started under any condition

Simple usage (one shot)

Here's an example of how to use the WifiManager.

MicroPython v1.9.4 on 2018-05-11; ESP32 module with ESP32
Type "help()" for more information.
>>> from wifi_manager import WifiManager
>>> WifiManager.setup_network()
connecting to network Foo-Network...
WebREPL daemon started on ws://
Started webrepl in normal mode

Asynchronous usage (event loop)

The WifiManager can be run asynchronously, via the cooperative scheduling that micropthon has in uasyncio. If you call WifiManager.start_managing() as follows, it will ensure that periodically the network status is scanned, and connection will be re-established as per preferences as needed.

import uasyncio as asyncio
from wifi_manager import WifiManager



Found a bug, or want a feature? open an issue.

If you want to contribute, create a pull request.

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