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MIDI Objects for Python

Project description

Mido is a library for working with MIDI messages and ports. It’s designed to be as straight forward and Pythonic as possible:

>>> import mido
>>> msg = mido.Message('note_on', note=60)
>>> msg.type
>>> msg.note
>>> msg.bytes()
[144, 60, 64]
>>> msg.copy(channel=2)
<message note_on channel=2 note=60 velocity=64 time=0>
port = mido.open_output('Port Name')
with mido.open_input() as inport:
    for msg in inport:
mid = mido.MidiFile('song.mid')
for msg in

Full documentation at

Main Features

  • works in Python 2 and 3.

  • convenient message objects.

  • supports RtMidi, PortMidi and Pygame. New backends are easy to write.

  • full support for all 18 messages defined by the MIDI standard.

  • standard port API allows all kinds of input and output ports to be used interchangeably. New port types can be written by subclassing and overriding a few methods.

  • includes a reusable MIDI parser.

  • full support for MIDI files (read, write, create and play) with complete access to every message in the file, including all common meta messages.

  • can read and write SYX files (binary and plain text).

  • implements (somewhat experimental) MIDI over TCP/IP with socket ports. This allows for example wireless MIDI between two computers.

  • includes programs for playing MIDI files, listing ports and serving and forwarding ports over a network.


1.2 is the third stable release.


Mido targets Python 2.7 and 3.2.


pip install mido

If you want to use ports:

pip install python-rtmidi

See docs/backends/ for other backends.

Source Code


Mido is released under the terms of the MIT license.

Questions and suggestions

Please ask questions about Mido at!forum/mido-community.

This mailing list was created to give both the user community a place to ask and hopefully also answer questions and for the developers a space to discuss Mido development. The success of the mailing list will depend on the community effort to also answer questions.

Looking for maintainers

This project is looking for somebody to take over the maintenance since the original author @olemb is busy with other projects. We look for somebody or a group of people who care about the code and would like to steer this project in future by discussing proposals, reviewing pull requests, and looking over issues. Please write to if you would like to help out with maintenance.

Project details

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mido-1.2.9.tar.gz (96.1 kB view hashes)

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