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A Python package to communicate with a migas server.

Project description

Migas Client

A Python package to communicate with a migas server.


migas (mee-gahs) is a Python client to facilitate communication with a migas server.


To start communicating with a migas server, the client must first be setup.

import migas; migas.setup()

By default, migas-py will communicate with the official hosted migas server. However it can easily be configured to communicate with any hosted migas server.

import migas; migas.setup(endpoint='your-endpoint')

setup() will populate the interal configuration, which is done at the process level.


migas includes the following functions to communicate with the telemetry server:

migas.add_breadcrumb() {#addbreadcrumb}

Send a breadcrumb with usage information to the server.

  • project - application name
  • project_version - application version
  • language (auto-detected)
  • language_version (auto-detected)
  • process:
    • status
    • status_desc
    • error_type
    • error_desc
  • context:
    • user_id (auto-generated)
    • session_id
    • user_type
    • platform (auto-detected)
    • container (auto-detected)
    • is_ci (auto-detected)
add_breadcrumb example
>>> add_breadcrumb('nipreps/migas-py', '0.0.1', status='R', status_desc='Finished long step')
{'success': True}

migas.check_project() {#checkproject}

Check a project version against later developments.

  • project
  • project_version
check_project example
>>> check_project('nipreps/migas-py', '0.0.1')
{'success': True, 'flagged': False, 'latest': '0.4.0', 'message': ''}

migas.get_usage() {#getusage}

Check number of uses a project has received from a start date, and optionally an end date. If no end date is specified, the current datetime is used.

get_usage example
>>> get_usage('nipreps/migas-py', '2022-07-01')
{'hits': 7, 'message': '', 'unique': False, 'success': True}

migas.track_exit() {#trackexit}

Register an exit function to send a final ping upon termination of the Python interpretter. Useful when monitoring a process that may preemptively error. The inputs are equivalent to add_breadcrumb()

User Control

migas can controlled by the following environmental variables:

Envvar Description Value Default
MIGAS_OPTOUT Disable telemetry collection Any None
MIGAS_TIMEOUT Seconds to wait for server response Number >= 0 5
MIGAS_LOG_LEVEL Logger level Logging levels WARNING


The internal configuration stores the following telemetry information:

  • language and language version
  • operating system
  • run within a container
  • run from continuous integration

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