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A package to send Mindwave EEG data over Lab Streaming Layer (LSL).

Project description


This tool is for Mindwave EEG products and it was tested with Mindwave Mobile 2. You can use it to take data from a ThinkGear Connecter service using telnet and output it in a Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) outlet.

It can connect to Mindwave headsets using mindwave-python/python-mindwave as a connector too. Furthermore, you can set --output to a directory or CSV file to output the data there.

This package is available through pip

pip install mindwavelsl

If pip doesn't work, run the following to clone the library and install the tool:

cd ~
git clone
cd mindwave-lsl
py install 

Then, to run it you can call it through the command line:


It has multiple options available including file output, and a mindwave-python connection option:

usage: mindwavelsl [-h] [--no-lsl] [--output OUTPUT] [--host HOST]
                   [--port PORT] [--mindwave-python-connect] [--device DEVICE]
                   [--headset-id HEADSET_ID] [--no-open-serial]

Run this tool to push Mind Wave Mobile 2 data from the ThinkGear Connector
socket, to Lab Streaming Layer (LSL).

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --no-lsl              Set this flag to disable LSL outlet.
  --output OUTPUT       Path to output data to, can include a CSV filename.
  --host HOST           The host for the ThinkGear Connector.
  --port PORT           The port for the ThinkGear Connector.
                        Set this to connect to Mindwave headset using
                        mindwave-python (through the module `mindwave`). It
                        needs to be installed manually, and instructions can
                        be found here:
                        python. A more up-to-date version exists here as well:
               Must set
                        --device and --headset-id to use.
  --device DEVICE       Set this to the device of the headset to record i.e.
  --headset-id HEADSET_ID
                        Set this to the headset-id of the headset to record.
  --no-open-serial      If set, then `open_serial` in mindwave.Headset will be
                        set to False.

You can also use it as a module:

from mindwavelsl import MindwaveLSL

mwlsl = MindwaveLSL('localhost', 13854)

# Setup the LSL outlet and the ThinkGear connection

# Run the service

See how the TelnetConnector and MindwavePythonWrapper connectors are implemented to add other connection options.

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