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Bump versions in changelogs and pyprojects

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Bump versions in changelogs and pyprojects and be minimalist about it:

  • Only supports semnatic versioning.
  • Only supports standard tool-independent version fields in pyproject.toml.
  • Only supports the Keep a changelog format, in Markdown and with as a file name.
  • Doesn't interact with git at all, either by inferring changelog entries from commits or making commits or tags for you.
  • Warns you if you try to set a version that is inconsistent with your changelog entries.


Installation with pipx is recommended. You might have to install pipx itself first.

pipx install minibump


Increment one of the semantic versioning segments using bump:



  • SEGMENT is major, minor, patch or prerelease
  • PROJECT DIR is an optional path to the root of the Python project to update

This will

  • Change the version in pyproject.toml in the standard project.version field, incrementing the relevant part.
  • Make a new release in your changelog (if present) from the content of the Unreleased section, with the appropriate version number, link and date.
  • If the segment you were asking to bump is inconsistent with the entries of your changelog, do nothing and fail (see the --relax/--strict option).


  • --dry-run: don't modify the files in place and prints the result in the console instead
  • --relax/--strict: in strict mode (default), inconsistencies between changes and version make minibump abort. in relax mode, this will simply result in a warning.

Alternatively you can set a version yourself directly (in that case the default mode is relax) with set:


Where VERSION is the version to set, which still has to be semver-compatible.

Inspirations and similar tools

Minibump is made to fit my own need as closely as possible. Although I would be glad to make evolve to also suit other people's needs, you might also want to have a look at bump2version and the alternatives they suggest.

As it is, Minibump is mostly a wrapper around semver and keep-a-changelog, with tomlkit as a backend for metadata parsing.


This software is released under the MIT Licence see for the details.

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