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A microframework based on evil intentions and whatever else you've got

Project description

The world needs another web framework.

—No one, ever. And yet…

Minion is a microframework that grew out of a collection of individually small frustrations with Flask.

Specifically, it aims to be simpler and more composeable than Flask is in the following ways:

  • Call views with arguments rather than thread locals

  • Allow alternative routing implementations

  • Provide a more robust configuration interface

In some ways it’s inspired by Klein's take on Flask more than Flask’s take on Flask.


Here’s the Minion hello world:

from minion.core import Application
from minion.request import Response

app = Application()

def index(request):
    return Response("Hello World!")


Minion uses SemVer.

Specifically, this means that until v1.0.0 Minion is not guaranteed to be backwards compatible, even in minor releases (or bugfix releases but there probably won’t be any of those).

That being said, nothing will be broken for the hell of it :). Make of that what you will.

After v1.0.0, public API (to be defined later) will not be broken in backwards incompatible ways without a major version bump.


I’m Julian Berman.

minion is on GitHub.

Get in touch, via GitHub or otherwise, if you’ve got something to contribute, it’d be most welcome!

You can also generally find me on Freenode (nick: tos9) in various channels, including #python.

If you feel overwhelmingly grateful, you can woo me with beer money on Gittip or via Google Wallet with the email in my GitHub profile.

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