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PasteScripts to facilitate use of minitage and creation of minitage based projects sponsored by Makina Corpus.

Project description

What is minitage.paste

Those are PasteScripts to help creating out projects living inside minitage. You ll find in there:

Projects templates

  • minitage.plone42: A sample layout for a plone 4.2 application
  • minitage.plone41: A sample layout for a plone 4.1 application
  • minitage.plone4: A sample layout for a plone 4 application
  • minitage.plone3: A sample layout for a plone 3 application
  • minitage.django: A sample layout for a django application
  • minitage.pyramid : A simple layout for a pyramid project

Projects instances

  • minitage.instances.apache: create an apache instance.
  • minitage.instances.nginx: create a nginx instance.
  • minitage.instances.varnish: create a varnish instance with or without a sample configuration file toward zope/plone.
  • minitage.instances.varnish2: create a varnish2 instance with or without a sample configuration file toward zope/plone.
  • minitage.instances.postgresql: create a postgresql instance in the sys dir of your project
  • minitage.instances.mysql: create a mysql instance in the sys dir of your project
  • minitage.instances.paste-initd: create a paste initd file and logrotated stuff in the sys dir of your project
  • minitage.instances.env: create a share/minitage/minitage.env file inside the sysdir of the project. You ll can source it and have into your environment the path and libraries from the registred dependencies of your project.


Those templates that need intrusives dependencies like pyopenssl that need to be compiled. That why there are not included in the main package.

See minitage.paste.instances.extras on Pypi..

  • minitage.instances.openldap: create a openldap instance in the sys dir of your project
  • minitage.instances.cas: create a CAS server instance in the sys dir of your project


Use throught webbuilder, see this doc

Use throught paster:

easy_install minitage.paste
paster create -t [template_name] target_project [opt=n opt2=n]

This will create a new project and a new minilay in your current minitage.

Here must come as dependencies:



1.4.6 (2013-04-01)

  • Rename to src folder

1.4.5 (2013-03-28)

  • packaging release

1.4.4 (2013-03-25)

  • fix release

1.4.3 (2013-03-01)

  • fix broken dep

1.4.0 (2012-09-10)

  • rework, simplificate & cleanup the plone template.

1.3.1874 (2012-08-21)

  • remake some love to django template

  • Make plone template depends on versions file

  • factorize eggs locations on plone templates with collective.generic.skel templates

  • Add addons:

    • collective.js.datatables
    • collective.oembed*
    • collective.embed*
    • collective.easyslider
  • removing zopeskel dep

1.3.1873 (2012-06-11)

  • fix changelog

1.3.1872 (2012-06-11)

  • fix mysql template
  • maintain & add products to plone templates

1.3.1871 (2012-02-02)

  • upgrade plone products to current : 30/01/2012
  • add plone42 template
  • unactivate blob maintenance and use collective.recipe.backup flavor.
  • Update the plone template to current best practise

1.3.1859 (2011-11-22)

  • documentation

1.3.1857 (2011-11-22)

  • in plone template

    • better ignore files

    • rewrite chown files

    • Add more than one instance in dev mode

    • Add zope undo to zeoserver

    • Add more queues in balancer template

    • upgrade dexterity to 1.0

    • upgrade plone41 to 4.1rc1

    • upgrade plone40 to 4.0.7

    • add Products:

      • collective.contentrules.mailtolocalrole
      • collective.googleanalytics
      • collective.portlet.relateditems
      • collective.quickupload
      • plone.contentratings
      • Products.EasyNewsletter
      • Products.ReDirectionTool
      • qi.portlet.tagclouds
      • quintagroup cumulus portlet
      • quintagroup.plonecaptchas
      • solgema.fullcalendar
  • add pyramid template

1.3.1855 (2011-04-01)

  • handle dyldlibrarypath on darwin

1.3.1854 (2011-04-01)

  • blobstorage improvments
  • upgrade plone4 versions (zope 212/plone4 KGS)
  • store now blobstorage and fss in resp. var/blobstorage/ & var/fss
  • support cynin
  • fix plomino versions
  • up bootstrap
  • Rework the django template
  • add PKGCONFIGPATH handle to instances.env
  • add LDFLAGS, CFLAGS, CPPFLAGs, CXXFLAGS handle to instances.env
  • add dexterity support
  • add support
  • add several plone addons
  • fix archetypes.schemaextender versions on p4/p41
  • fix supervisor init script generation
  • add rpath to minitage.instances.env

-> 1.3.176

  • add plone core mr.developer configs, you can now develop each plone subpackage
  • upgrade eggs versions in plone configuration files
  • better handle of kgs, and mr.developer buildouts
  • add inheritance in the plone configuration parser
  • added some tests for the plone configuration parser
  • activated the minitage.plone4 template (beta state)
  • support for staging development (get state from production)
  • blobstorage support
  • transmogrifier support
  • devmode support
  • apache & deliverance integration for plone3
  • lot of new plone products
  • pilwotk 116 -> pil 117


  • plone3 template maintenance
  • plone3 auto project buildbot support
  • nginx instance
  • init.d files coherence
  • flickr api patch on plone3
  • testrunner parts
  • plomino moved to be used with mr.developer
  • add hudson support to minitage.plone3


  • distribute fix
  • add tinymce
  • plone3 template maintenance
  • fix pack [thx to jpc]
  • relayout the plone templates
  • plone: support for solr
  • plone: support for supervisord
  • plone: support for haproxy


  • fix #7 thx to joka


  • fix #8 thx to joka


  • better integration of z3cform
  • let us have i18ndude


  • bump ipython to 0.10
  • pin z3c.form
  • fix PATH bug in gentoo function helpers
  • fix zeo integration
  • update distribute buildout
  • add pilwotk for non minitage users helper
  • add five.grok zcml order
  • add collective.z3cform.grok


  • add support for installing Quills, the plone Blog suite.
  • fix plone3 default buildout code
  • switch recipe names to new minitage.recipe recipes
  • plone3 template refactoring
  • atreal.patchfss fix
  • paster quiet option handled correctly
  • distribute instead of setuptools
  • cheetah requirement fix because of ugly zopeskel version pinning
  • add facultystaff to plone3
  • make plone3 paster customizable via configuration files (xml)
  • maintenance on the postgresql instance (8.4.1)
  • let zeo part be there, everytime.
  • fix “instance.env” deactivate function
  • minitage.plone3 autoselect scripts as well
  • add five.grok support to minitage.plone3
  • add MYSQL50 support to mysql instance
  • add env file generation to minitage.plone3 project
  • add ipython patch to go out the pdb hack


  • postgresql maintenance and doc/UI improvment

  • plone3 refactoring

    • better separation between buildout logic and semantic
    • fix buildout part ordering
  • add –reload option for the pasteinitd profile

  • pgsql 8.4 support

  • zope3 python version upgraded

  • add openldap profile

  • add mysql profile

  • fix on postgresql template for database initialization

  • plone3 fix for offline run

  • add running_user/dbuser distinction in the postgresql profile.

  • move some scripts for global coherence

  • mysqld init script portable

  • db_user is also owner of the created database

  • profils -> instances

  • openldap got better arguements for its wrappers. Also, now it uses SIMPLE authentication for connection to the slapd server.

  • add SSL certificate generators

  • fix plone.reload version for compatibility with plone3

  • wrong dependency on pyopenssl fixed and moved inside .extras

  • remove special chars from default database name for postgresql instance

  • add entries for ipv6 connections for postgresql instance

  • Change PATH priorities in .env (minitage come in last, just before system PATH

  • make python2.4 at highest priority on plone3 template

  • make direct dependencies at higher priority in minitage.instances.env

  • up to plone 3.3 RELEASE


  • fix failed merge


  • remove some useless variables on pgsql templates
  • fix django url


  • PloneArticle fix


  • Only the django, zope3, plone3, plone25, pylons templates remains
  • paste-initd is a now comer
  • all templates have now an optionnal support for minitage
  • its stabilized with other minitage components
  • templates are all documented on


  • Renew plone3 template, desacticate deprecated ones.


  • Fix in pgsql


  • Fix effective user on pgsql initd


  • paste-initd fixs


  • add the pasteinitd profil to create profils for paste init scripts.


  • refactor zope3 template


  • add plone 32 project


  • add varnish2 profile


  • ZSH compat.


  • Adding wrappers for postgresql


  • Django maintenance

0.2 - 0.4

  • Maintenance

0.2 - 0.3

  • Improvments to the pgsql template due to pgsql 8.3 release changes.


  • add plone32svn


  • add a INS env. variable pointing to the current project to minitage.env profil.


  • add zope2 project template
  • remove unused product from plone31zeo


  • remove omelette by default for plone3 templates


  • multiple fix for setuptools


  • zope and pylons fixes


  • add Pylons template
  • Renaming profils templates


  • Plone templates maintenance


  • Added Turbogears template


  • default vcl is improved thanks to guerir’s makina-corpus project. Some change from there are merged now inside this vcl.


  • Zope 3 maintenance


  • Improve varnish default vcl


  • Improve varnish default vcl


  • fix init script


  • rename varnish binaries


  • Improve varnish default vcl


  • Improve varnish default vcl


  • Improve varnish template


  • add zeo profile
  • fix some typos in plone buildouts


  • doc release


  • add varnish profile
  • fix some zc.buildout 1.1 related bugs


  • add login info to plone templates


  • add env. variables for convenience with zope projects


  • update recipe versions
  • add buildbot templates


  • comment corrections
  • fix plone template


  • improve environnment profile


  • merge release


  • add dependency layout
  • add egg layout
  • add distutils layout


  • Rename python interpreter not to override the real one in path.


  • Add omelette to plone template
  • Fix and add zcml for instance part.


  • corret some logfiles for the postgresql template


  • Manifest upgrade


  • corret dependencies for django project


  • correct some labels and default values
  • add django template
  • add geo-django template


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