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Command Line Interface for the Minos framework

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Minos CLI: Minos' microservices up and running

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Minos CLI is a command line tool that helps you create and deploy Minos' microservices. Through its simple command structure, you'll get your microservices up and running as fast as you've coded your business logic.


First, we need to create a project to host our microservices

minos new project testproject
cd testproject/

Our project has dependencies from services that we need to set

minos set database postgres
minos set broker kafka
minos set discovery minos
minos set api-gateway minos

Once we've the dependencies set, the project is ready to get a new microservice!

minos new microservice testmicroservice

It's time to deploy our system

docker-compose up -d

You can test the default endpoints through the api-gateway using

curl localhost:5566/testmicroservices
curl -X POST localhost:5566/testmicroservices

Time to start coding! Yes, already!


Coming soon...

Source Code

The source code of this project is hosted at GitHub Repository.

Getting Help

For usage questions, the best place to go to is StackOverflow.

Discussion and Development

Most development discussions take place over the GitHub Issues . In addition, a Gitter channel is available for development-related questions.

How to contribute

We are looking forward to having your contributions. No matter whether it is a pull request with new features, or the creation of an issue related to a bug you have found.

Please consider these guidelines before you submit any modification.

Create an issue

  1. If you happen to find a bug, please file a new issue filling the 'Bug report' template.
  2. Set the appropriate labels, so we can categorise it easily.
  3. Wait for any core developer's feedback on it.

Submit a Pull Request

  1. Create an issue following the previous steps.
  2. Fork the project.
  3. Push your changes to a local branch.
  4. Run the tests!
  5. Submit a pull request from your fork's branch.


This project is distributed under the MIT license.

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